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The Largest Leather Event in the World


     by Terry Gee 

     Folsom Street Fair is the annual celebration held in San Francisco. With an average turn out of almost half a million people, it is unsurprising that Folsom is the largest leather event in the world.

Starting in 1984, it has grown in popularity – not just with the leather crowd, but with every community. Families are often seen mingling with leather daddies and drag queens as a feast of fantastic characters parade between 8th and 13th streets. All walks of life are accepted and entertained in this adult-themed spectacular.upyouralley-57

Folsom has grown as a non-profit organisation with donations going to many charities and fundraising groups. The success of the event has also reached out to us here in Europe with Berlin holding a huge event every September, a few weeks before San Francisco. (We’ve been and it is amazing!)

To titillate, entertain and inspire, Folsom Street Events have released a video ahead of this year’s celebrations. It has a real 80s feel with Tom of Finland type characters, heavy S&M and brilliantly choreographed dancing to what can only be the soundtrack to a 30 year old porn film. It’s receiving mixed reviews in the fetish community but we here at Bent think it’s genius.

What do you think?

FOLSOM STREET from Folsom Street Events on Vimeo.