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How Does He Do That?

50As we left the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, that was the only topic of conversation.

How the hell, in a theatre of over 800 people, does he know what we’re all thinking? How can he predict what we’ll say and do?

I love Derren Brown’s form of entertainment. I like the challenge of trying to think through what I’ve just seen and desperately attempt to decipher and make sense of it all. For over two hours I’m left gobsmacked and annoyed, entertained and bewildered by the sheer cleverness of a man who goes on stage and presents us with non-stop Miracles.

Over the years he’s been performing live there has been a tremendous change in his presentation. Gone is the Svengali beard, staring eyes and rather smug intenseness. Now it’s like having your best gay chum up there chatting away, having a laugh and inviting you to become part of his incredible act.

He boasts it isn’t magic, he tells us there are no stooges, he explains why he’s conning us and he encourages us to believe we have free will but, and this is the really clever part, just as we think we’ve got a grip on what’s going on… there’s a curve ball. You know he’s never quite finished. Even when you’re satiated with awe the man comes back with more and that little non-event at the beginning of the show soon takes on huge importance as he reveals yet more wonder.

You’re left reeling at the experience. You’re left wondering if you’ve been had. You’re left desperate for answers.

Hallelujah brothers and sisters… it’s enough to make your head hurt.