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A new study launched today by Durham University commissioned by Durex reveals the negative impact

that technology is having on our relationships – and on our sex lives.


The research was carried out by the university’s Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities who interviewed couples aged 18-55. It found that technology is impacting our love lives more than ever before, with smartphones in particular becoming a source of sexual tension – and not the good kind.

Dr. Mark McCormack, Co-Director of the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities at Durham University, comments: “Technology has revolutionised our lives and smart phones are now central to the organisation of romantic relationships, from establishing them to maintaining love and affection when couples are apart. What this study reveals is that technology now consumes our relationships at a much deeper level. It’s made its way into the bedroom in more ways than we imagined, often with benefits, but also coming with potentially serious costs to relationships, as it can cause frustration and tension, and encroach on sexual activity.”

Tech is now so pervasive in the bedroom that 40% of those interviewed for the study said they had actually delayed sex with a partner because of technology with others reporting rushing sexual activity in order to respond to messages. Incredibly, a third of those interviewed admitted that they’d stopped sex in its tracks just to answer their phone.

The study goes on to conclude that sexual relations are increasingly being played out on smartphones, with 40% having sent sexy photos via mobile and over a quarter (27%) having filmed themselves having sex. But even engaging positively in technology between the sheets has created tensions, with participants expressing worry about privacy relating to sexual texts and pictures, whilst others increasingly question fidelity of their partners, seeing phones as an easy route to cheating.

The findings of the research are clearly brought to live in a new video by Durex called ‘Connect’. The video features real couples as they face the realities of the impact that technology has had on their relationships. The film also features leading tech entrepreneur Susie Lee of Siren mobile to reveal to the couples the real tech innovation that will improve their relationships.

You can view the video here at Durex Connect


  • Mark Nevin

    Well ladies and gents if that happens to you,that your partner would rather be on the phone,than have a good time in the sack,then i would make a stand.First thing i would tell them that you want a night of foreplay.Second thing when there naked and in the mood,i would take the phone and shove it right up their arse and third thing i would tell them straight that if there caught on the phone or having a phone near the bedroom,the next time i’ll take a hammer to it.After that you’ll be in sack for hours.This is what the programme won’t comment on.

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