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Brighton Pride LGBT community parade entries launch

  hjfgk2015 see’s one of the UK’s biggest Pride festivals mark 25 fantastic years of Pride in the City and is widely anticipated to be one of the biggest Pride celebrations in the city to date.

To mark this important milestone, and in recognition of our diverse and inspirational community, our theme this year is “Carnival of diversity”

With over 160,000 participants and spectators the Brighton Pride Community Parade is a sensational celebration of every aspect of the LGBT community and supporters.

1418041975_1 2015’s Carnival of Diversity encompasses everything that has become iconic about the diverse, creative and open-minded community that makes Brighton internationally famous.

The community parade is the spectacle of the year and a chance for you to join with others in what is the liveliest, most colourful, uplifting and empowering visual showcase in the city.

Brighton Pride Director: The Pride Community Parade perfectly reflects the diversity of the city as organisations, businesses and community groups come together for a truly unique event.

It’s essential that Pride continues to have campaigning message, so alongside the celebrations Pride will continue to highlight the plight of LGBT communities across the globe that are criminalised and denied the Freedom to Live !

Thousands of people watch the parade every year and it is the best “shop window'” for community groups and business to get your message of support for Pride and the message of equality and diversity.

1393167721_4 Participants will be able to attend parade workshops to develop creative ideas and network with other community and business organisations.

As Pride celebrates its 25th Anniversary, there’s no better time to celebrate Pride in our City.

Brighton Pride