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Sauna Etiquette

cropGay saunas have once again become the focus of attention. One group appears to want to see the end of these ‘dens of iniquity’, whilst others see them more as a much needed piece of gay culture.

The arguments for and against will continue but, for those who have never used one, but would like the opportunity, we here at Bent are often asked if there is any form of etiquette for when your are new, naked, sweaty and your balls are bursting!

Rules of the Sauna

Try and keep small talk to a minimum… as we all know – actions speak louder than words.

The chances of you finding the love of your life are minimal but it’s fun trying all the different possibilities.

Do at least one good deed and let some old guy suck your dick – you never know when you’ll need the favour repaying.

If you see a family member whilst cruising the sauna – don’t worry – he’s there for the same reason you are.

Don’t believe anyone who says that the condoms available are too small and refuses to wear one… have you ever tried inflating one… they are huge.


It’s OK to make some noise when being shagged but do be considerate of others who are trying to watch the movie.

Keeping your underwear on at the baths is a pretty pointless exercise… unless it is underwear fetish night.

You can never be too rich, too muscular, or have too big of a dick but the truth is… the longer you are at the sauna the less these things matter.

You can un-wrap your cock in the steam room but never your sandwiches.

Often that speeding heart-rate and pounding head is as a result of spending too much time in the sauna and not a hectic sex life.

The main rule for going to a sauna is to have fun, if it isn’t fun then you shouldn’t be there. However, if you are going – Play Safely – make sure that you have enough condoms* to last the session should you be so lucky.

*(Usually provided at most saunas but just in case take some of your own)

One thought on “Sauna Etiquette

  • Philly

    I love the gay sauna experience, it’s fantastic ! I love all the bear guys and hunks who hang out lol , I like the idea of being with some great guys who know how to treat a play patterned I would love to meet other guys in to the scene , it’s fab , exciting ! As you never know who you may hook up with , generally guys are playful and love to be spoilt a little before , complementing them is a good start , gay guys like to be reassured of there sexuality and love to be made a fuss of. , whey! X. Philly

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