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Sex Toys

bathmate_hydrodoucheSex Toys – These two words alone are guaranteed to send certain people into fits of apoplexy.

“If it’s not done naturally… then it shouldn’t be done at all.”

“If God had meant us to have a piece of rubber up our butts…” etc etc etc

But when it comes to sex, there are no God given rules, you can do what feels good (with the provision that it doesn’t hurt anybody else in the process) and that you don’t feel too guilty afterwards (although a little bit of guilt can add to the sexual frisson).

However, a sex toy is only an object brought into scenario to enhance the pleasure of the person or persons involved.

This can be anything from dressing or wearing certain clothing, fabrics, rope-play, cock-rings, restraints, masks… food. The list of things that can turn a person on are as numerous as the number of people there are. What suits one person may not suit another but it’s the finding out that can be one of the most pleasurable of adventures.

For instance: Do you like to have fun in the shower?

Then why not have a try-out with the new Bathmate Hydrodouche, which utilises only the best materials and build quality to satisfy all your douching needs. Not only is it simple to use, it has also been proven to be very effective. Now you can shower and cleanse at the same time with first generation hydraulic shower douche! Using a gravity-fed system that gives you complete control over water pressure, this really is an innovative product!

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