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Seduction Technique – If you want him… you’ll have to work for it.

Infinite Seduction For Him AvonThere is this stereotype that all gays are out-going, friendly, easy to talk to and… undemanding sexy sluts who will go with anyone! I have to tell you that, apart from Gordon L Alexander of Sheffield, this is often not a true representation of reality. Whereas, he seems to be able to get anyone into bed, often just by looking at them, I have found the process a great deal more difficult.

When it comes to seducing men I used to be hopeless. I couldn’t figure what I was doing wrong and then it clicked… I reeked of desperation and trying too hard to impress. I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t taking much care in how I presented myself, I wasn’t listening and I believed completely the stereotype… that it should be all just a walk in the park and I wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) have to work for it.

The trick is to be assertive, yet subtle.

Talk but don’t dominate the conversation, smile, laugh and ask interesting questions. Don’t make it all about you.

Look the part.

Dress to impress.

From the moment you get up make sure you’re on top of your game; hair smart, smell nice, clothes that fit and accentuate your positive features.

Nice smile; make sure your teeth support that asset.

Great butt; let those jeans enhance those terrific globes.

Speak softly and encourage him to look into your eyes when you speak. Eye contact is very important and very reassuring to those who are a little nervous. They may not want to see you eye-to-eye but a conversation is so much more rewarding if you, and they, are the sole focus of attention to each other.

Don’t forget, you are not in a 1980s comedy where a ‘C’mere sailor’ is enough to get a guy’s interest. Blowing kisses across the room is also not a particular good way of asserting your seduction credentials. You need to make it a ‘whole life’ approach and that everything you do is aimed at being the best seduction artist around. From the moment you get out of bed be aware of what you do, how you do it, what you say and what you look like. For that special person be soft, sensual, intrigueing, gentle… let him know he’s the only person that matters. Touch but don’t fondle. Kiss but don’t eat him (just yet) Let him trust you and listen to his needs ahead of your own desires – they will be rewarded before too long.

Have patience, the passion (and he) will come.

 Image: Infinite Seduction for him by Avon