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Orton the Musical

Orton_web_bannerAbove the Stag Theatre hosts its first musical premiere on Wednesday 2 April – a very British piece – Orton– a new take on the relationship between the controversial and promiscuous 1960’s playwright Joe Orton and his long-time lover, collaborator and eventual murderer Kenneth Halliwell.

Starting the day they met, and continuing to the day they died, 16 years later, Orton the Musical fizzes with their ambitions for success and celebrity…and the lies, despair and chaos which emerge as Joe’s rising fame eclipses Kenneth’s ambitions.  This is the story of two prickly, abrasive, funny and brilliant young men set against a London backdrop of the 1960’s social and sexual revolution.

Above the Stag Theatre: Arch 17, Miles Street, London SW8 1RZ