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Love is Love- Controversial video

The first single from VenSun, ‘Love Is Love’, which we mentioned last month, is an anthem of our times; a soundtrack to the global struggle for human rights and polarising social issues, such as gay marriage. Sylvia Tosun the vocalist on the track has long been a pro-active advocate for equal rights in the gay community and as she explains, “Our humanity is under scrutiny, yet again….’Love is Love’ is a song for now and speaks to a Universe of freedom.”

So, it has been a while in coming but a controversial music video for the new single, is now available to view online and shines a light on homophobic world leaders and public figures. The controversy comes in the form of defacing images of openly anti-gay figures such as Putin and Palin with rainbow coloured, fascist-style moustaches. In contrast, it depicts images of those who actively campaign for gay rights and same sex marriage. Nice to our own Prime Minister David Cameron wearing a halo.

“People who celebrate love should be honoured. That’s a message that as a world, we can’t hear enough of! “

You can watch it here

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