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New Sitcom for IPhone

Fancy a comedy break from the gym or light relief on the Tube? GOING NOWHERE, a new British sitcom from enterprising young gay media executive Robert SJ Lucas, is set to get global audience laughing when it is launched as an app next month.  The series has been created for iphone users and will have plenty of appeal to gay and lesbian audiences.

Written, produced and directed by Robert, the series consists of eight episodes in total, each lasting 15 minutes, and stars rising young actors in the lead, Stephen McLeod and Rebecca Livermore, who play two young marketing execs, reservedly gay, punctually uptight Martin and loudly confident Sandra. They find themselves stuck together in a number of awkwardly confined situations, such as a taxi, a lift, a bar, even a cupboard.  Despite working as a team, they dislike each other and as they teeter on the edge of turning 30, careers and relationships are moving them forwards but taking them nowhere, fast.

Born in Tufnell Park, London, 28 year old Robert has always aspired to be a scriptwriter.  His parents, a Scotland Yard detective and a graphic designer divorced when he was young, and it was his grandparents who nurtured his love of theatre, music and drama, and his obsession with Dr Who.  Determined to follow his creative ambitions, he abandoned his psychology studies and set up Disclosure Group in 2010 which has become the production outlet for a number of his self-penned projects.  These include London-based relationship drama, LADIES + GENTLEMEN, which explores a seemingly random group of relationships between boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and strangers brought together by one shocking event; and  a web-based soap, PA’s.
His current project, PORN brings together five hot guys and girls in a comedy series that mixes muscles with mirth, libido with laughter, tanned torsos with testosterone.  He has also worked with Channel 4 developing the ‘For3minutes’ initiative for their 4talent scheme and also provides advertising content for clients such as Zipcar.

With Netflix having  already successfully launched new content as an online subscriber-only service with major dramas such as House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, it is hoped that the independent spirit behind GOING NOWHERE will find Robert going somewhere towards fulfilling his dreams.

GOING NOWHERE is set to be launched at the end of June.