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To test or not to test? This is the question.

This Valentine’s Day, 56 Dean Street, London’s award-winning HIV and sexual health clinic, is asking: would you test for HIV if you’re in a relationship?

The call comes as alarming new research from The Health Protection Agency (HPA) reveals that the vast majority (82%) of all new HIV infections among gay men are transmitted by men with undiagnosed HIV infection.

In response to the research, 56 Dean Street is making its pilot HIV home testing service; called Dean Street at Home, available to everyone in London. The free service is designed for gay and bisexual men and is quick, confidential and seamless. People simply need to visit; complete a simple risk assessment questionnaire and then order the postal test for free to an address of their choice.


According to Dr Alan McOwan, Director of Services at 56 Dean Street, “just because someone thinks they’re negative it doesn’t mean they are. These research findings highlight that testing regularly, whether a person is single or in a relationship, is paramount in our battle to overcome HIV. We urge every sexually active gay man in the community to take a test and continue to do so every year, or more regularly if they have unprotected sex.”

“Advances in HIV testing mean that it is now easier and more convenient than ever to test. Whether it be through a home testing service, such as 56 Dean Street’s Dean Street at Home or via rapid 60-second testing in a clinic”, McOwan concluded.



The Dean Street at Home service has been running since November 2011 and has despatched more than 3,271 testing kits in that time. To find out more about Dean Street at Home, or to order a free home testing kit to an address of your choice visit