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Pride Events 2012


The Rio Carnival is always a glittering occasion and perhaps unwittingly announces the start of the Pride Festival season. Across the world, nearly every major (and not so major) city and town will be busy planning their way of celebrating all things gay. For some it’s a chance to hold hands with their partner without having to worry about being abused, for others it’s an opportunity to be totally uninhibited and spend their day in nothing but their knickers (or less), while for others it is still about making a political statement about ‘gay rights’. Whatever the reason for being there just remember that these events don’t just happen. They take many months of organisation, time and money.  Acts don’t just magically appear on stage, the DJ and pa system aren’t a permanent fixture on the streets or in the park and that float for the crowds to parade behind hasn’t appeared from nowhere. If you can be involved do so but if not, and you go, then at least appreciate what others have contributed  to make the event happen and the minimum you can do is give a few quid to help with its expense.

Here are just a few of the events happening over the next few months.


7-13 – Maspalomas Pride, Gran Canaria

7 – Pride Scotia, Edinburgh

26 – Bradford Pride


2- 3 – Birmingham Pride

2 – Sheffield Pride

8-10 – Blackpool Pride

15-23 – New York Pride

16 – Calderdale Pride, Halifax

16 – Lancaster Pride

17-26 – Dublin Pride

23-24 – San Francisco Pride

23 June – 8 July – WorldPride – Pride London


14 – Pride Glasgow

14 – Bourne Free Pride, Bournemouth

21 – Northern Pride, Newcastle

21 – York Pride

21-22 – Hull Pride

22 – Pink Picnic, Huddersfield

28 – Norwich Pride

28 – Nottingham Pride


3-5 – Amsterdam Pride

4 – Liverpool Pride

5 – Leeds Pride

5 – Doncaster Pride

8 – Wakefield

17-27 – Manchester Pride

25 – Cornwall Pride, Truro


1-2 – Brighton Pride

1 – Leicester Pride

1 – Cardiff LGBT Mardi Gras,

23 – Sunderland Pride