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Eating Out with Aaron Milo


American hottie Aaron Milo made a splash as man-eater Benji in last year’s Eating Out: Drama Camp and returns to the fray in the red-hot follow-up Eating Out: The Open Weekend, which has just been released to DVD! We caught up with him to find out more and the ups-and-downs of working on the ground-breaking gay franchise.


How did it feel coming back for another instalment of Eating Out?

Well, we actually filmed Open Weekend before Drama Camp! We filmed both movies back-to-back, but it was a bit backwards because of some weather issues when we began filming Drama Camp, so we shot like two days of Drama Camp and then because of stormy weather had to move locations and film Open Weekend first.

What kind of vibe does the set have?

Open Weekend was filmed on location in Palm Springs, CA so it felt like a bit of a vacation, but it was also high pressure at times because we only had 10 days to shoot. So, some scenes where you would normally get a bunch of takes, we had to just go with our first or second shot because of time issues.

Did you enjoy getting up close and personal to Chris Salvatore? We’re slightly jealous!

Ha, yes – as a new actor in the series Chris was very welcoming and great to work with. This cast in particular was really close on set and we had a great time filming.

 Do you think you’ll be back another Eating Out adventure?

Only time will tell.

What do you think makes the series so popular?

I think the films really resonate with the gay community because they all deal with situational humour that the gay community can relate to. The industry is getting a bit better about integrating LBGT into film, but Eating Out came out at a time when there was really no other gay comedies of its kind.

What’s next for you?

Nothing is set in stone yet, but I would really love to do a television sitcom next.

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