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Pretty Masculine

Whether you identify it as an adjective or as an adverb, the connotation of the teaser title of this exemplary work is just part of the double entendre. The images within “Pretty Masculine” speak for themselves. They are not necessarily a commentary on the male ideal, but rather, they are meant to detail and study a specific type of the male form. In the course of capturing these images, the artist has forced his subjects out of context, stoking our senses and sensibilities and quite possibly evoking us to redefine how we view, understand and accept masculinity.

Hopefully, through the mastery of Mike Ruiz’s eye, we might all even take the time to reflect upon the greater ideals that lay herein. In more direct terms, this body of work just might serve as a catalyst of sorts and give us the amplitude to look at a bigger picture. Perhaps, the message is that we should all take stock and embrace all aspects of life—regardless of the perspective in which it is presented to us. Quite possibly, it is through such unconventionalities that we may all come to welcome our differences and even appreciate each other on the most fundamental of human levels.

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