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Kicking Back With Kennedy

Meet Kennedy Carter, a self-described English lad living a ‘Clark Kent life’, university student by day, go-go dancing porn superhero with Raging Stallion Studios by night. Ryan Houston caught up with Kennedy to talk about his job as the British hunk over the pond.

How did you first get involved in the porn industry?

I sent off my photos to a few studios when I first started university as I wanted a job that would help me pay for college, and I was lucky enough that all the companies I applied to were interested in working with me. I started working for a website in the UK before working for one of the largest American companies, Raging Stallion.

Do you enjoy your job?

I really do. It is a world away from my life at university: I get to travel all the time and I have met so many really lovely, interesting people, which might contradict what people think of the industry. The actual filming of the movies is like any other kind of filming it can be repetitive, and it is not like having normal sex as your job is to focus primarily on the position of your body in relation to the cameras, the lighting, and so on. However, I have had some really fantastic sexual experiences, and the atmosphere on set is always fun.

Do you think that the porn industry is fuelling the spread of HIV in gay men through the promotion of bareback sex?

You can’t prove that porn promotes unsafe sex in its audience in the same way that you can’t prove that violent movies inspire violent behaviour in their audience.

Are there any bad parts of your job?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a bad part of the industry, but longevity is difficult to attain, so my advice to anyone getting into porn is just to enjoy it for as long as possible, and not to take it to heart when it comes to an end.

What are your plans for the future? Will porn affect this?

In a perfect world (i.e., finances permitting), I will do a Masters once I have completed my current degree and then a PhD – my dream job is to work as a historian. I am completely at peace with the fact that I have put future employment in jeopardy from doing porn, and I came to that realisation as soon as I made my first movie. Not to do so would be beyond naïve.

Do you think that the way you are viewed by certain people has changed since becoming involved in the porn industry?

Absolutely. While my friends and family know I am the exact same person I was before I got involved in the industry, I think other people’s first impressions will of course change. The big challenge is in dating; most guys, when they know you do porn, expect you to fuck and go.

Everyone says that a porn stars name has a story… What’s yours?

I just chose two American president’s names that were alliterative; I wanted a name with some gravitas.


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