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The Good Self

This month we look to the USA as we call upon Coach Marc Montemerlo, who is a celebrity fitness trainer, for advice on what it takes to stay in shape. He has trained the likes of Chris O’Donnell, Marcia Cross and Reese Witherspoon through his various weekly classes. Now Marc is bringing his expertise to people who don’t live in Hollywood, but want the same great tips and tricks the celebrities use to get fit.

Clients often come to me for more than physical training. They seek help in reshaping and re-centering their whole lives; in finding their Good Self. Although fitness training and life coaching are two different services I offer, it’s sometimes easier to bridge the two rather than separate them.

One of the first questions I always ask a potential client is “Why do you want to improve what you already have?”

I expect them to answer “Because I have a personal goal to…” or “I want my outside to look as good as I feel inside.” However, the replies are usually more like, “I heard that you are a good trainer” or “I’ve seen your work with other clients and I like your approach.”

People look to outside sources for inspiration and motivation. They rely on media, fitness dvds, social network programs, and guys like me. But I’ve realized that instead of inspiring people to add fitness to their life, these programs actually discourage people. They create negative and floored body images. The truth is many people will never look or be like the fit person touting the program.

I recently picked up a self help magazine. The headlines on the cover read “Drop 10 pounds, NOW!” “Improve Your Sex With…”,“12 Ways to Boost Energy and Look Younger” and my favorite, “Burn Calories Without Even Trying!” If there’s a way to burn calories without trying, sign me up! Trust me, there isn’t.

The true road to creating the “Good Self” is a difficult and demanding one. It requires discipline.

We have all heard “what you give, you get back”. That is my fitness philosophy.

Your good self comes from within. Your good self may not be as fit or as muscular as the model you see in magazines. Your body may never achieve greatness, but achieving good isn’t bad, is it?

In the end, you are responsible for you. You can buy the DVDs, the expensive equipment, and books. But truly, the self help gurus are not going to offer you a magic wand to shed the pounds. You are the only one who can make everlasting changes in your life that will impact your physical and mental wellbeing.

I believe the ‘good self’ is one who cares about nature and embraces the green effect. I believe you are empowered from within to maintain momentum in your life and you must constantly accept change and travel wherever life may take you. I believe that if you are seeking change, it’s time for change and you must act on it immediately. Those small gut feelings we all get are tiny accelerators in our lives that keep us moving forward.

Yes by all means, approach a fitness professional for help in your fitness needs. Get the best help possible and the best eating plan that will work for you. Research the latest health and wellness trends. Be inspired and continue to inspire others. It all starts with you.

That’s my philosophy and I live by it. Be well. Live well. Achieve your Good Self.

ACHIEVING THE GOOD SELF… only takes 4 weeks!

Marc advises eating every 3 hours to keep blood sugar stable and your hands out of the cookie jar!  Drink of choice is always water.  Invest in a decent water bottle.

A healthy breakfast is the most important part of your day. Try to limit all late night eating and snacking.

Breakfast:  1 cup oatmeal with berries or a bowl of flaxseed cereal with cantaloupe in low fat milk
Snack:   4 egg whites, Sliced turkey and avocado
Lunch: 1 cup steamed vegetables, 1 skinless chicken breast fillet or 1 piece of fish (Tuna/ Salmon/ White Fish*), a medium size yam or 5 tbsp brown rice
Snack:  Half a sliced chicken breast + small salad and handful of almonds
Dinner : Garden salad + steamed vegetables (don’t be shy with your portions here)

Forty minutes of cardio every day.  Invest in a great jump rope and get ready to start your running career!

Twenty minutes of strength training, which includes upper, lower body, core and abs.

And don’t forget to stretch!