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Not in the least bit ambiguous

Alan A. is a young, gay singer and songwriter based in London who has, over the years, produced an interesting blend of sexually explorative, witty, satirical, yet sharp-edged pop music.
Originally from France he moved to London in 2004 before travelling to New York and Montréal to record his first e.p. Ambiguity, but returned to London last year to work on the promotion of his music, and start performing. Alan has a pleasant, if raw edge, to his vocals in which his Gallic roots can still be detected.

While many love songs provide just about enough dose of sadness or sweetness to soothe you into a gradual lull, Alan A. grooves his way in with more rumbling undertones of threesomes (“Pleasure”), major upheavals (“Depression”), or the frustrating dilemmas of sexual identity (“Come Over”).

Alan A. confidently struts his cheekiness through his songs, encouraging people to embrace their individuality. Roll-up, Listen-up and Enjoy!