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Meet 24 year-old Romanian, INNA – Europe’s latest dance-pop sensation. While you may not know her name already, you will certainly have heard her chart-topping club anthems ‘Amazing’, ‘Hot’ and current UK top 20 single ‘Sun Is Up’. Ryan Houston tracks the busy lady down to find out more.

How did you first get into music and why?

I always wanted to be a singer, since I was little, thanks to my mother and grandmother. Every Sunday, they took me to church with them to sing in the church choir. I started taking singing lessons and performed at many youth festivals. Later on, before becoming INNA, I tried my luck with a pop-rock project, I released a couple of tracks that were unfortunately unsuccessful. Then my producers, Play & Win, composed my life changing track, “Hot”.

How does it feel to be being recognised as not just a Romanian sensation but Europe’s latest dance-pop sensation?

It feels extraordinary! It’s really wonderful to see people from different countries having a great time on your music. I’m living my dream and I’m really grateful to all my fans for their amazing support.

How does would it feel representing your country next year at Eurovision – is it important and are you proud?

I’d love to represent Romania next year at Eurovision but I don’t know exactly know if I will have time. My schedule is pretty hectic nowadays. We’ll see next year…

What can fans expect from your album ‘Hot’?

Summer music, a lot of tunes that will keep you on the dance floor! I’m telling you this: if you’re thinking of throwing a party, you need to have this album.

As this is your first studio album are you worried how fans will take it or are you confident that it’s for everyone?

The album “Hot” has proven its strength in many countries. I know that British people are not easy to please but I hope I’ll gain their sympathy. I’m eagerly looking forward to its release to see how it’s doing. Also, I can’t wait to perform in the UK!

‘Hot’ will be released by 3 Beat records on 13th June