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Maspalomas Pride 2011

Photos: Grizz

We at Bent are always up for a bit of a ‘do’… and when the particular ‘do’ on offer is in one of our favourite holiday destinations we never need much persuading.

Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria is one of those events that grows and grows each year. Last month it celebrated its 10th Anniversary with over a week of events that attracted estimated crowds of 60,000 happy homos. There’s no doubt about the increasing popularity of this particular location as visitors from all over Europe flock to this hot and friendly island off the coast of Africa for one hell of a party.

Not surprisingly, with the sunny weather being almost guaranteed, the boys and girls make the most of the opportunity to wear as little as possible. However, those that do dress to impress sparkle and twinkle in the sunshine as their colourful and glitzy costumes dazzle any passer-by. Not that you get many people innocently passing by as the entire island seems to get involved with its lively guests to make the event so special. Twinks, bears, hunks and drag no one and no age is left out as kids with their families, whether that is mum and dad, dad and dad or mum and mum, were encouraged to dress up and enjoy the fun. Even dogs had their own fashion show in this all inclusive festival of friendly excess.

The mega merchandising arena, better known as The Yumbo Centre, gets transformed most nights into a gay playground as this is where most of the gay bars, clubs, saunas and restaurants are situated. Over Pride they set up a huge stage, produce shows, choreograph fantastic routines, there are sexy fashion displays and have acts from all over the world performing, which on the final day on this occasion ended in just one huge bubble bath. Foam was pumped over the huge, sparsely-clad audience as they danced and whooped with the sheer delight of being in amongst such a crowd of like minded people who knew how to party.

Congratulations to the organisers, the inhabitants of Gran Canaria and the 60,000+ visitors who made this one of the most enjoyable events in the entire world pride calendar.

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