Erotic Stories

Hard and hairless

By Steven Rowley

He arrived exactly at the time he specified and I opened the door to find a rather good looking, dark skinned, 24 year-old on my doorstep carrying a holdall. As he entered he smiled a dazzling smile that immediately put me at ease and we shook hands. He told me his name was Mahmood and that’s what I should call him if I felt the need to speak. However, he wanted to get straight down to what he’d come for and told me to go and shower. I told him I’d had one earlier but he insisted that I go again – as he explained… the hot water would soften the pubic hair as he shaved my hairy bollocks.

I spent about 5 minutes making sure every part of my body got a good hot soaking and when I returned to the living room Mahmood had laid out a huge thick white towel, his shaving items and massage oils. He was also naked except for a shiny thick metal cock ring that was held in place by three leather straps; a thick one around his waist and thinner ones each around the top of each thigh. His cock was pushed out by the ring but in truth it wasn’t too big however, the overall look on Mahmood’s smooth, blemish free, silky brown skin was absolutely stunning. I settled down on the thick towel to let him get to work. Firstly he trimmed my thick pubic bush with a pair of scissors and when that was down to a manageable length he foamed up a rich lather spreading it all over my cock and balls. The feeling was of the most exquisite sensuality and of course my cock began to grow. I don’t have a particular large cock but it was firming up nicely as he administered the foam and applied his razor. He was slow, methodical, intense and replied in a quiet whisper to all the questions I wanted to ask him.

He took over an hour stripping each and every hair from my cock and balls and made a neat leveled off pattern around the top of my thighs. With every small or long stroke from his cut-throat razor his finger, finger nail, palm or the edge of his instrument would gently rub and stimulate my hard-on even more. My mind was doing loops of desire and excitement as the thrill-factor seemed to increase but alas, no attempt at release was offered. I happily throbbed, pulsed and sweated manfully as he cleared my pubes to produce a stunning smooth and utterly hairless surface. I don’t think I’ve ever been so naked apart from when I was a baby, while the soft, de-forested white area made my cock look even bigger, more proud and an absolute stonking organ anyone would have been proud to own. As he rubbed some sweet smelling liquid into the newly shaved area he just told me that this would take away any possible razor burns my skin might react to and would make it so that the area remains silky soft and smooth for quite some time. I loved what he’d done and was all set to offer my thanks and let him be on his way… except he told me the job wasn’t over yet and that I should turn over.

He spent another age clearing away all the hair from around my bum and I came out of a fantastic relaxing dream feeling him soothing more oils into my newly shaved area while massaging my bum cheeks; his small gentle but purposeful long thin fingers occasionally slipping and tickling just inside my hole. He ordered me to get up on my hands and knees and I did so without thinking as I hoped he would now let me relieve my bubbling, cum-filled balls. The fingers that he’d just spent time massaging my most intimate parts with were now wrapped over my eyes in a sort of pretend blindfold. He whispered something in his native tongue and I felt as giddy as a school girl when he gently moved them down to my mouth and tenderly offered each of them to be licked. Although he was not being pushy I felt I had no alternative but to suck on each digit and as I did Mahmood let out a small gasp of pleasure and satisfaction. Once licked and cleaned his hands moved down my body and stroked my hips, which had started to buck slightly as if I was making love to some invisible person. My cock was hard and desperate for release and my bum hole was now on fire, whatever that lotion was had produced an incredible sensation that needed to be satiated. As he stroked my hips I could feel his cock nudge at my hole. Soon his hot, nimble fingers grasped my aching dick and fondled it while I tried to maintain balance on all fours. My now hairless body somehow felt different and I was more responsive to every touch, tickle and tentative tug. All my senses were connecting to different parts of my anatomy as if a current was passing between them and I became aware of Mahmood pushing forward and encouraging me to open up. The lotion that he had spread around my body and massaged into my pubic area and bum hole had both relaxed me and acted like some aphrodisiac. With my body on fire and my mind full of lustful thoughts my foreign friend picked his moment precisely. With a yell of some Middle-Eastern expletive he entered me with a force that belied his slim build and gentle demeanor and I was caught up in the wildest, hardest and most physically draining session I have ever experienced.

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  • Mark Nevin

    I think he was just checking to see if he had shaved your hairy arse properly and if his thick sticky cum,came dripping or running down your legs,then its a job well done!But one thing you can say you got more than your monies worth!

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