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Stuart Warwick

Every now and then a track you’ve simply stumbled across, by an artist you’ve never heard of, makes you sit up and listen and wonder why it never achieved a large and appreciative audience. Of course there will be those from Brighton, and those lucky enough to have caught the man live, who already know about the terrific talent that is Stuart Warwick.

The song that attracted my interest was actually on a video of some dancers interpreting one of Stuart’s tracks from his Ordeal album called ‘Ex Gay’. Hell, I loved everything about it. The lamenting vocals, the brilliant lyrics, the overall poignancy of a subject I feel strongly about myself but never had the ability to put it into words. It’s a lament about gays who feel that they can be made straight by aversion therapy, and as the lyrics say “aversion therapy wont tame a lion” is so true… so true.

Armed with a piano and plaintiff vocals you might suspect a show to be more for those wanting to cut themselves but that isn’t the case. His lyrics are inspired and telling and it’s the subdued singing that makes you cling to every word.

What else is there to say about this talent? Well, he’s from Brighton, he used to record under the name of ‘Jacob’s Stories’, he has a husband and he’s constantly touring so, if you get a chance, get along to see him.

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  • Nathan Makolandra

    Here’s the dance video that I choreographed to Stuart’s SOng.


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