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That Family Moment

Once you have found that special somebody and are happy in the knowledge that ‘this is it’ often thoughts turn to whether to introduce him to your family. This can turn out to be either a monumental disaster or the most rewarding occasion you will ever go through. When that time comes, just make sure you are both ready… here’s our check list.

Is he ready to meet them?
Talk with him well in advance, reassure him and be absolutely sure both of you are comfortable with the idea and the potential outcome. Look out for warning signs that it might not be the correct time: hesitation, resistance or uneasiness. It may be an uncomfortable situation for both of you, so both of you need to be prepared and on the same page.

Have you given your family enough warning?
Talking about him and broaching the subject about a possible visit will give you an idea of the lay of the land. They may be OK with you being gay but to see that gayness in the form of a partner who you are bedding, might be a little bit too much. Tell them how much he means to you and hope that they will feel the same way. However, look for those warning signs (see above).

Don’t just arrive with the boyfriend.
It might seem all well and good to ‘be who you are’ but to arrive with a boyfriend in tow and more or less demanding they accept him is a dangerous game to play with both the boyfriend and your family. You may have accepted that you’re gay years ago, but for family it might come as a shock. Being caught off guard is not a promising way for your family to meet the love off your life. That first impression may well be the one that sticks and dictates any future relationship between you all.

Get comfortable.
Don’t forget, this is a huge event for all concerned so don’t blow it by being overbearingly demonstrative, let everyone get used to the idea first before you start feeling your partner up on the sofa. Talk and involve him in the family chat, sharing a few anecdotes of your own in as humorous way… if at all possible. Let him volunteer to help in the kitchen, if he feels comfortable to do so, sell your partners good points but try not to make it all sexual… they may not be that interested in the fact he has a huge cock. Take it easy and integrate slowly.

If the whole thing looks like it’s going tits-up.
Count your losses and have an exit strategy worked out. Have a ‘safe’ word or phrase that says… it’s time for us to go and make then make your excuses and leave. Perhaps trying again at some other date.

If everything is going well.
It will be an emotional turning point for both you, your partner and the family… thank them for their acceptance. Even though it would be nice, you can’t take acceptance for granted so enjoy the moment.
Meeting the family is a huge step but now it’s your turn to meet his… are you ready?