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Flip for Chip

Randy Blue’s Newest Star is Chip Tanner
By Trevor Blackenship

When Chip Tanner first appeared on Randy Blue, no one expected he would cause such a stir. Sure, he has an adorable face, winning smile, and a body honed to tight muscular perfection from his years as a gymnast, but so do many of the Randy Blue boys. It was two things in particular about Chip Tanner that caught the attention of porn fans. His foreskin – deliciously odd for an All-American boy – and his declaration that he is ‘mostly straight’ while admitting to a curiosity for bottoming.

We’ve heard it before, especially from the younger generation of guys who tend towards a more fluid view on sexuality than older gents. But Chip Tanner wasted no time fulfilling his curiosity, flexing his toes way into the air and throwing them over his head for Justin Blakely. Now that he’s done the deed, has Chip Tanner’s mind changed about what team he plays for? Is the gymnast stud stretching the truth or is he simply flexing his right to remain unlabeled?

How did a seemingly innocent young guy like yourself find your way into porn?
I had a very sexually repressive childhood, yet I was always really horny. First I got into stripping as a way to break free from my repression. Soon enough, Howard Andrew found me on Youtube and got me with Randy Blue. Of course the money is great, but I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t something I believe in. I’m all for sexual freedom as long it’s consensual.

You said in your first Randy Blue film that you were straight.  Is that your story and are you sticking to it?
Sexuality is so complex and complicated; I have a hard time putting a label on myself. It’s not always so black and white as to simply say “straight, gay, or bi”. I definitely have a preference for females, but I guess I’d call myself try-sexual at this point, because I like to experiment.

Have you always been an exhibitionist?
Yeah, pretty much. I like attention so I can be an exhibitionist in both sexual and nonsexual ways.

Was your film with Justin Blakely the first time you ever bottomed with a guy?
No, before that I bottomed with Chad Hollon and I did a flip-flop with Nicco Sky and Porter Wescott.

In your first film, you expressed an interest in trying it.  So was bottoming everything you thought it would be?
I had played with anal toys before bottoming, so I had an idea of what it’d be like. I suppose it was pretty much how I imagined, a bit faster and rougher than how I play with my toys. (laughs)

Would you ever do it again?
Oh yeah, I already shot two more bottoming scenes, one with Andrew Stark and one with Jarrett Rex. They should be on Randy Blue soon.

Where did you grow up?
I spent most of my life in Fresno, California.

Can you tell us any fun stories that may have hinted at a future career in porn?
I remember when I was 11 years old, I was masturbating and I put my wiener in a vacuum hose because I thought the sucking would feel good. I was right, it was totally awesome!

You’re not cut, which is unusual for an all American boy.
My parents simply thought it was a cruel and unnecessary procedure. I agree with them on that and am glad they left me intact. When I was born, circumcision was the norm in America, but these days it’s actually becoming the norm for parents to leave their sons intact.

A lot of uncut guys say that growing up, they were embarrassed of their foreskin.
I made a whole video on the topic and put it on Youtube. Basically, I was clueless about circumcision until I got to 8th grade. When people found out I had foreskin, some made fun of me, which confused me, so I did some research. With my newfound information, I had confidence and I told people that foreskin is natural and fun and there’s nothing wrong with it. Most people actually listened to me and were really cool about it after that. So in the long run, having foreskin has been largely a positive thing for me.

How long have you been training as a gymnast?
I got into gymnastics training when I was 16, so it’s been seven years now.

Do you have dreams of competing on a national level?
I’m largely self-trained and have no plans to do it competitively. It’s basically just a hobby for me.

What was your best apparatus event?
Everything I do is on the floor. I don’t train conventional gymnastics. I basically train whatever I think looks cool which includes some elements from gymnastics, some from martial arts, and even some from breakdancing. Gymnasts have very flexible bodies but they rarely have flexible minds. They limit themselves to specific skills done in specific ways. I don’t like to put myself in a box, I prefer more freedom of expression.

You could have signed with any studio.  Why RandyBlue?
When I was first offered to do porn, I didn’t know much about the different companies other than that Randy Blue was one of the top paying, so that’s originally why I went with them. Now that I’ve been working with them for about a year, I’m very satisfied with my choice. Not only do I get paid well, but the whole staff team is very professional and very cool, and I’m given a lot of freedom in my personal life. Many companies put restrictions on their models. Plus, I’ve met and have become good friends with some of the Randy Blue boys, so it’s been great!

Is there anything that you won’t do on film?
Well, if love really knows no boundaries, then I guess I’ll do anything!

Would you date a porn star?
I don’t discriminate, I just masturbate… in other words, sure, I’d date anyone I like, I don’t care what they do for a living or what social class they belong to.

If you were someone else, would you date you?
I’ve got a better question: If I could clone myself, would I date me? The answer is like totally! I’ve got a unique personality and a hot body, so why not? Plus the incest thing would be a sexy bonus.

Besides a body of steel, what do you offer?
A body of rubber as well. In other words, I’m very flexible, oh la la! I’ve also got a quirky personality which I guess you either love or… well, you’ll hopefully tolerate.

Did you ever fool around with another gymnast on the pommel horse?
If by “pommel horse” you actually mean a thoroughbred horse and by “fool around with” you’re specifically referring to a threesome, then hell the fuck ya I have! …I should also mention I have a nutty sense of humor.

What do you look for in a partner?
Anyone that’s hot and horny! Asides from that, I guess I like someone that’s into athletics like me and they’d definitely have to have a nonjudgmental personality if they’re going to hang around me for any significant period of time.

What would fans be surprised to learn about you?
I can jerk myself off using my feet. I guess that’s not too surprising coming from me.

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