Erotic Stories

The Journey – By Mike


I’d given myself over completely to the experience. I wanted a bit of danger, a bit of excitement but most of all… I wanted to be shagged by someone different.

I’ve been in a relationship for over two years and although we get on great… sex is always the same. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy it but think there has to be more to it… that’s how I ended up tied spread-eagle and face down on the bed.

I’d met Jim on Gaydar and had been ‘chatting’ to him for almost six months. Oddly enough I could say things to this ‘stranger’ that I would never have dreamt of saying to my boyfriend, perhaps that was the problem. Anyway, although he was a good thirty years older than me, I’m 23, he suggested that I give him a chance to explore further into my “sexual needs”. I was incredibly nervous at the thought but, over the weeks, that thought turned me on so much I eventually agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time with a continual stiffy as I did talking to Jim and thinking about ‘the journey’ he wanted us to undertake.

I know it sounds like some kind of X Factor throw away line from contestants as they gush about their TV experience but ‘the journey”, is the only way I can express what it all means to me. On that first, nervous occasion, Jim explained in detail how I should arrive at his home; the door would be open and all I had to do was close it behind me and strip completely naked. All I would hear would be his voice and I had to follow all his commands immediately and without question. Once I was naked, he told me, he would approach from behind and fit a mask, which would prevent me from seeing anything. This, he assured me, would mean that my surroundings wouldn’t distract me and all I would then have to do was concentrate on what was happening… and feel every sensation. It took a good few weeks to convince me… but there I was, as I said, tied face down to the bed and waiting for the next thing to happen.

I almost caught sight of Jim as he approached with the mask because in the room opposite where I stood there was a mirror. Unfortunately, I was at a slight angle and he was quick in covering my head so that I only got a brief look. He seemed OK… that was if I could make such a decision on such little evidence. The mask was fitted quite tightly around my head then he led me into what I assumed was a bedroom. He told me to lie on my stomach and stretch out my arms and legs. “Stretch them wide,” had been the actual instruction as some sort of rope or something was looped over my wrists and ankles then pulled tight. I was now completely vulnerable and at his mercy, had he suddenly turned into a crazed loony who was about to slice me up… I had only myself to blame. However, as he tightened the ropes, pulling on them to stretch me, I could feel my cock growing as it rubbed against the mattress. Even the slight discomfort he subjected me to seemed to enforce the idea that I was in for some erotic and special treatment from this man. His hand slammed hard onto my buttocks and I screamed in surprise and pain. “You are now mine to do with as I want… whatever you thought might happen… you can forget about.” I struggled a bit in my bonds but had no manoeuvrability. “You will not be going anyway until I’m finished with you… and that will not be for a long time yet.” His voice was commanding and it sent a strange thrill throughout my body. I tried to speak but the mask was so tight I could hardly move my jaw much so just grunted and bucked a bit. “For a start” he continued, “this arse needs sorting.” And he slapped me once again. It wasn’t hard but I certainly felt it. “Force your butt in the air”, he commanded. I tried but failed to meet the height he required and I got another few slaps for my pain. I forced my bum up as high as I could and I felt him reach under me and grab my hard dick. “You get hard when I tell you… and not until”. He slapped my butt hard once again to drive his words home and shoved something under my hips. “But for now… this arse is mine.” My mind was buzzing with opposite thoughts; one – that I’d made a terrible mistake and two – just how sexy it was giving myself completely to another man… it was then I heard a strange distant buzzing that wasn’t in my head. My body tingled and shook slightly as I felt the first touch of something solid and vibrating at the base of my spine. I had no idea what it was. My mind raced at the thought that he might have had a chainsaw or something equally as horrible. He teased and worked the thing around for a while, teasing various parts of my splayed out body, before it inched nearer to my bum hole where he let the object vibrate. I felt some liquid being dripped between the object and my puckered hole… and then he pushed. I moaned. It was thick, it was shuddering around my tightening hole, and while that sent strange sensations through my rectum… he started toying with the rest of my naked body. My arse clenched, as did every muscle… pulling hard on my restraints which dug in and hurt. I couldn’t voice any objections but I made a sort of howling noise in protest as he just pushed the thick oscillating object in further.

With the anticipation, worry and my mind doing double somersaults about what was happening, the sudden thrill of the invasion… and the new vibrating sensations… I came in seconds. My dick, despite the feeling of apprehension, had been hard from the moment I got naked. Now, under me, I felt the warm flood pulsing from my dick but he’d only just begun and it was to be a long, mind-ravaging, arse-tingling and cock-spurting session. Jim took me on a learning experience that taught me loads about what my body can do, what it needs and enjoys… it was also the best sex I had ever had in my life. Jim says that if I’m interested he has a load more he can teach me, boundaries that I could overcome (or come over?). This is a journey of possibilities I simply cannot wait to continue.