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DVD Review – Oct 2010

brothtobroth_sleeve_newBrother to Brother
When young black gay artist Perry is discovered in an intimate sexual encounter with another young man, he is promptly thrown out of his house. With the added confusion of a potential love interest from his white classmate, Perry is at a loss. Things change when a chance encounter with famous poet Bruce Nugent introduces Perry to a historical journey into the gay and lesbian subcultures of the Harlem Renaissance and ‘Niggeratti Manor’, the creative centre for rebellious black artists. As Perry learns more about the past struggles experienced by those of a different colour and sexuality, he comes to respect what makes him different, and embrace a history that is rarely told.
Out: 4th October – £14.99 – Peccadillo Pictures
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
Harlem is in which US city?

cover shot“The Story of F***”
This snappy satire about the music industry is from first time film-making cousins Adam and James Abadi featuring sex, drugs, alien abduction and crocodiles! Lewis Sipricosh is a frustrated A & R man at Kosmos Records looking for the next big act to impress his deranged and depraved music boss. Aided by his beautiful assistant Daisy they decide to create and unleash a band called F*** on UK music lovers – the problem is that F*** can’t sing or play instruments…but when has that ever stopped a manufactured band from being successful?
Out: 11th October – £15.99 – Network Releasing
To be in with a chance of winning copy of this brilliant DVD, just answer this simple question:
What is the name of the record company in The Story of F***?

FruitFlyUKCoverFruit Fly
Bright, effervescent and witty, Fruit Fly gives a musical twist to Tales Of The City-esque drama with sparkling results. HP Mendoza’s critically-acclaimed directorial debut follows Bethesda a young performance artist in search of her career and birth mother in San Francisco. As she moves into an art commune and surrounds herself with a loving gay family, Bethesda finds herself fully immersed in the city’s vibrant queer quarter and quickly becomes the fag-hag of choice for her many male friends while uncovering long-hidden family secrets.
Out: 11th October – £15.99 – TLA Releasing
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
San Francisco is in which US state?

Star Wars DVD packshot 2DStar Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 2
As the intensifying Clone Wars plunge further into the galaxy, heroic Jedi encounter never-before-seen creatures, space pirates, giant monsters, mind-controlling brain worms and the return of Boba Fett. Adding to the turmoil, bounty hunter Cad Bane steals valuable Jedi secrets, a mind-controlling Geonosian queen creates an indestructible army, and the giant Zillo beast terrorizes Coruscant.
Out: 25th October – DVD & BluRay – Warner Home Video
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
Who turned out to be Luke’s father in the Star Wars films?

Adobe Photoshop PDFSuck
A rock’n’roll vampire spoof about a down and out band, The Winners, who will do anything for a record deal. When their disgruntled manager tells them that they are getting “long in the tooth”, he doesn’t know that his words are truly prophetic. During a road trip, their humdrum image radically changes when Jennifer the bass player, disappears one night with a hip vampire. She emerges with a sexually charged charisma that drives the audiences wild. Several rock legends appear in amongst the mayhem!
Out: 11th October – DVD & BluRay – indi-VISION
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
Which famous vampire was said to be washed up near the abbey in Whitby, North Yorkshire?

Tall, quiet Malik, a 30-year-old Parisian architect, returns to his homeland Tunisia after the death of his father. He’s greeted warmly by his over-bearing, petulant mother and is immediately confronted with her expectation that he stay and get married. This now strange world of his forgotten youth, his mother’s pressure and his barely hidden homosexuality set off anxiety attacks in Malik, who finally finds relief when he meets the darkly handsome handyman, Balil.
Out: 18th October – £15.99 – TLA Releasing
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
What is the capital of Tunisia?

Heroes S4 slipcase packshot 2DHEROES: Season 4
This box set introduces Samuel Sullivan, played by Robert Knepper as the leader of a mysterious carnival clan with powerful and potentially dangerous new abilities. Could he and his comrades create a new threat for Peter, Claire and the rest of the “Heroes” and their current attempt to live normal lives? And if this isn’t enough for you, Season 4 is jam-packed full with hours of bonus material including super-powered extended and deleted scenes.
Out: 4th October – DVD & BluRay – universal-playback
To be in with a chance of winning this DVD set, just answer this simple question:
What ‘power’ does Claire the Cheerleader, possess?

BF88003__THE_HUMAN_CENTIPEDE_300dpiThe Human Centipede
Two pretty American girls on a road trip across Europe end up alone in the woods at night when their car breaks down in rural Germany. As they search for help they find an isolated house. Offering to call them a taxi, the house’s owner Dr. Heiter, a retired surgeon, invites the girls inside with the promise of a drink and dry place to wait until help arrives. However, they realise that there is something not quite right about the formidable Dr. Heiter…
Out: 4th October – DVD & BluRay – Bounty Films
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question:
What is the capital of Germany?


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