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BENT ON… DIVAS – By Alex Wiggan


The glitz, the glamour, the fabulous outfits, the emotional highs, crashing lows, public outbursts and backstage dramas all glossed over with a splash of colour and a bit of attitude. Divas; don’t you just love them? From Britney to Whitney, Madonna to Mariah, there’s a Diva for everyone and if it isn’t all about the fancy lifestyle and oodles of cash, then it’s the dressing rooms loaded with exotic creatures and an entourage that would make Barack Obama jealous. Over the decades Divas have been popping up everywhere, belting out ballads, commanding the stage and proving they’re a force to be reckoned with. They’re not the person in the spotlight they are the spotlight; shining brighter than a lighthouse on fire. Like a phoenix they burn up pretty fast, fade away into semi-obscurity and then rise to claw back what they once had. It’s part of their tragic back story which humanises them, defines them and gives them iconic status in the immortal Gay Hall Of Fame. Many boys can identify with the Diva because they know what it is like to just want to be accepted for their knowledge of how to put on a pair of false lashes and a dash of blusher. Even the boys who don’t can see the power that the Diva possesses every time she makes a bold statement.

They’re incredible, they know what they want, they know how to get it and they’re what every boy secretly has locked inside him; the will to be the most fabulous performer ever. Like pop filled chameleons they understand the only way to achieve this and remain ahead of the game is to become style icons and so they constantly reinvent themselves, never standing still for a moment. Gaga does it, Cher’s famous for it and it’s the reason Madonna has managed to remain at the top since the 80s even when dodgy raps and questionable movie roles have tried to freeze her in her tracks. They adapt to survive becoming Darwinian-Divas, so that at the drop of a sequinned hat BANG they’re transformed from one form into another. You see the public at large are a bit fickle and so if a Diva isn’t shaking her ass to the current beat then there’s always the threat she’ll be replaced quicker than a snoozing Sugababe. It’s true that when a Diva does lock in her target audience she has a fan base that will follow her for life as true fans (yes boys, you know who you are) will stick to a Diva closer than a spray on tan, but there’s always a new Diva preparing to step into the spotlight. However the Diva knows this and it’s what keeps her always coming back for more even when things go a bit pear shaped. They’re fighters. They’re warriors. Like Boudicca and Xena they know when to throw down and give as good as they get. Not in the bare knuckled sense of the word mind, but in order to survive they know that they must keep their enemies close and this can often mean taking a tactical retreat if there is no other option.

Time out of the limelight offers the Diva time to reflect upon her rise to fame safe in the knowledge that she will return when the hour is right. The rebirth may not always go to plan and sometimes it can seem to do more harm than good with detractors always ready to knock her down, but you can’t stop a force of nature. So what if she’s had a failed marriage in Vegas? Does anyone even care if she’s not been hitting the notes like she once did? These are just slight setbacks on the path to glory and this will never deter the fan boys from championing their perfect pop princess; it only makes her stronger in the eyes of the ones she inspires. The important thing is she’s not giving up and whilst the Diva keeps pushing forward like an elemental Amazonian she continues to win the war. Whether it’s her own personal battle or one which ingrains her into the hearts of those who understand what the harsh industry is like, the show must always go on. After all a show without a Diva is just a performance without a performer. Well done Aretha. Congratulations Christina. Here’s to you Celine. Liza you’re on in five. Without you and the rest of your fellow Divas the stage would just be an empty place and the world of entertainment would just not be so entertaining. Thank you Divas.  Thank you all.