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Drink, Drugs and Sex

fs-current-issueDrink, drugs and sex might seem fun, but mixed together they can have serious consequences. In the latest issue of FS magazine from GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, three guys tell how being under the influence led to them taking risks that they later regretted.

Apart from reporting on some scary actual real-life experiences the article includes tips on how to be smart when you drink, including: decide how much you are going to drink before you go out and practice sticking to the target; avoid top ups so that you can keep track of how much you are drinking; and avoid rounds. It advises: “If you are dedicated to using condoms when you are sober, chances are you will be more likely to use condoms when you are wasted. Don’t let alcohol or drugs be an excuse for making choices you will regret later.”

To read the full article, ‘Risky Business’, as well as other features including ’21 Things to do this Summer’ and ‘Six Things to Pack for Holiday’, look out for your copy of FS, issue 118. It’s available for free in gay venues and GUM clinics across the UK or can be downloaded at