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Taking a little KAOS into the charts


Introducing Kaos Theory, a sensational new British boy band who, contrary to their name, are predicted to make a single minded, targeted smash onto the UK music scene.
Kaos Theory are a funky four-piece who promise to blast unsuspecting audiences into previously unknown dimensions.  Oozing charisma, vocals to die for and looking as if they should be on the cover of a fashion mag, Kaos Theory have the perfect chemistry for a world-class pop boy band.

chrisChris: Born in 1985 in Shoreham-by-Sea.  Sings and plays clarinet, saxophone and piano.  At the age of 18, Chris entered Pop Idol then spent the following 4-years gigging as a solo artist until he later joined a band, which was to become, Kaos Theory. Has written tracks with many top writers, including one released by the Indonesian Pop Idol winner.

jayJay: Jay is the really active member of the band, loving outdoor sports including surfing, snorkelling, mountain biking and swimming. But like all true music talents, nothing comes close the adrenalin rush that he gets from a live audience – the bigger the audience the better. In a previous life, Jay was part of a US based boy-band and was part of the support line up for Westlife on their UK arena tour.

jordanJordan:  Born in Leeds, the young Jordan was a true sportsman.  He loved boxing, competed in gymnastics throughout Europe and played football for Leeds City Boys, his footie skills even took him to trials for Bradford City and Blackburn Rovers.  But music was his true passion and when his best mate’s cousin got into a girl band and took them backstage at a gig (the cousin was Mel B – the band was the Spice Girls), Jordan instantly knew that this was where he belonged.

albertoAlberto:  Born in Brazil, Alberto’s talent was obvious from the moment he could talk.  At the age of 5 he was performing solo at his Baptist church, he then went on to record three albums with well-acclaimed gospel bands in Brazil.  This talented boy then headed to London where he immediately began regular gigging at eMusic Boxi, hosted by Patrick Alan across some of the most prestigious venues in London.

Kaos Theory is a line-up of four seriously talented boys who promise to leave audiences instantly smitten and delightfully shell shocked.  Their catchy RnB sound is sassy, up-beat and ferociously addictive and promises to re-inject the UK music scene with the much needed boy-band fever that it’s long been pining for.  The band’s cosmopolitan make-up also makes them a hot property for the overseas market, something which the boys are already targeting as they sing in multi-languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
OK boys let’s find out a bit more about you:
When were you last star-struck?
We don’t really get star struck easily but at a blue after show party David Beckham bought Jordan a drink which was pretty cool. It’s hard not to be star struck by David Beckham.
Who is your favourite hero of all time?
We’ve all got different heroes and influences but one which we all agree on is Michael Jackson. There will never be another entertainer like him.
What would be your fantasy gig?
Ermmmm, our own world tour supported by Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Usher and Justin Timberlake, oh and it would be free for anyone who wanted to come.
Pride season is now upon us… will we be seeing you around?
We recently did Blackpool Pride, which was a really good day… but prides are always brilliant shows to do. The audience is always crazy and fun… really up for it.
What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
Hmmmmm … we do like a good spend every now and again, Chris bought a home studio which was pretty expensive…. probably why he’s so reluctant to buy a drink when we’re out – ha!
What is your guilty pleasure?
Our fans buy us loads of sweets and chocolates, which we always seem to finish in the car.
Favourite underwear?
Because we’re always travelling around we spend a lot on fresh underwear. You’ve gotta stick with Mr. Calvin Klein… there’s something about having that man’s name on your underwear – ha. Boxers mainly. Although Jay has all kinds of crazy underwear, one pair has jelly beans all over them.

Kaos Theory will give UK audiences an upfront taster of their music when they unleash a free download – an acapella version of – ‘Would I Listen’, on 25th July.
Kaos Theory is the future of British boy-band pop – be part of it from the start!
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5 thoughts on “Taking a little KAOS into the charts

  • Louise Gregger

    What a great group of guys! They sound good and look the part. However, it’s clear that they need decent management as there has been only limited coverage of what they have been up to. I also bumped in to the guys in Blackpool at the lights switch on, listening to a conversation between them and the guy who appears to be their manager it’s clear they need help!
    Keep up the good work guys and get the right people behind you.

    Louise G ( A well know music & media editor) :op

  • Andy Marcello

    Hey guys….

    Hot news! At least 2 of the guys are gay / Bi!!!!

    I have seen them out in a couple of bars / clubs!

    A. xxx

  • Andy simpkin

    Who are they then?

  • Dino Martin

    Saw this group in blackpool for children in need. Was an average performance and to be honest two of the guys cant dance or didnt want to.
    The vocals were average and a little OTT in places as were pretty much all the acts. I noticed a couple of tallent scouts in the crowd, dunno what they thought? (Im also in the industry). Also caught the guys at the real radio ‘event’ the day after. I guess someone is really trying to get these guys noticed. Again the vocal was average and the guys all looked shattered. I guess if you are 15 and and female you might have a moments interest, but thats about it.

  • Alan James

    Not the best group I have ever seen to be honest guys. The songs were average and the dance was stiff to say the least!

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