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Underwear Poll


Bent, in conjunction with, managed to survey almost 3,000 of the website’s members for their research into the importance of underwear to gay men.

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How important is your choice of underwear style, brand and colour?

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80% thought it was important to some degree with only 20% thought it unimportant.

Very Important 28%
Important 26%
Moderately Important 26%
Unimportant 20%

Men who defined themselves as Muscular were the most likely body type to say Very Important (44%) compared to the lowest (13%) of ‘Large’ guys.

HOM SNAKE med res

Men who reported to be ‘Extra Large’ in the groin area were the most likely to say Very Important (46%) closely followed by ‘Large’ (38%).

Men who reported to be have a ‘Small’ willy were least likely to say Very Important (18%) and the most likely to say Unimportant (37%).
Top 3 UK cities to say Very Important: Brent 67% – Cardiff 64% – Northampton 57%

Top UK cities to say Unimportant:  Harrow 40% – Portsmouth 34% – Derby 33%


Favourite style of underwear?

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Boxers = 46%
Briefs = 21%
Trunks = 15%
Commando = 10%
Thongs/Jock = 8%

Boxers were most popular with 18-24 yr olds (61%) gradually falling to 30% of those aged 61+
Briefs were most popular with 51-60 yr olds (36%) gradually falling to 11% of those aged 18-24
Trunks were most popular with 36-40 yr olds (20%) gradually falling either side.
Thongs/Jocks were most popular with 51-60 yr olds (10%) falling to 7% of those aged 18-24
61+ were the most likely to go commando (12%) followed by 36-40 (11%) and 18-24 (10%)

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Plus some user comments:

Very Important – Calvin Klein, Ginch Gonch, AussieBum, Armani, D&G I like to brand my bum.

Unimportant – Simply the latest fad that gay men have been lured into spending their pink pounds on.

Very Important – because when I fantasize about a guy… I always picture him in branded undies… such a turn on.

Not so important but it depends on what I have planned… mucky or ancient briefs put me off… tho for me you can’t beat a pair of pristine tighty-whities.

Just love seeing a guy’s waistband sticking proudly above his low slung jeans… if the waistband has a name on… it means the lad has thought about how he looks to another guy and that’s sexy.

Very Important – My under-crackers ‘r’ very important, I think they say a lot about a man.

Important – I just love all the cheeky, colourful prints these days… funderwear at its best!

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The top-selling men’s underwear brand in Colombia, Expose Underwear, is ready to launch globally with its new barely-there line of sporty and sexy briefs.  Expose Underwear’s Funky and Shear collections retail between US$22 and US$28.

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