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Get branded with slick LICK

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Here at Bent we get sent quite a few new products to try out or review but the latest batch of underwear from a new company really did catch our eye. LICK has produced a small, though sexy range of well made, classy, snug and very eye catching undies that took us quite by surprise. But, we wondered, how and why, in this supposed economical downturn did this Bristol based company decide to launch its own brand?

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“We felt that during this recession we needed to launch a brand of underwear that was going to stand out from the crowd and also appeal to different types of consumer.
We wanted to give a new fresh product that would excite customers to start buying again, its proven that luxury beauty items are on the increase, that’s where the idea “Lick” came from, we decided to split it into four categories, L – Leisure, I – Individual, C – Classic, K – Kinky, this would give the consumer the range from one brand.”

OK, but what else, what concepts or new ideas are you bringing to the market place?

“We are starting a full UK gay club tour, beginning in March to show off to the real discerning public just how good our underwear is. Also, we plan to launch new designs twice a year, Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter, to add an element of anticipation, we will also add to each seasonal collection a Limited selection, where we will only make, for example 2000 units of a selected style and it will be then discontinued, this will add an air of excitement with our customers to see what is going to be the Ltd design! Our product is keyed around the perfect fit, we want an everyday underwear selection that is so comfortable and enhancing but also very fashionable and of course the Kinky category to add an element of fun!
So, there you have it, a new British company set to give us boys the very best thing… to put our very best things in.
Full galleries will be on the website, Facebook page, “Lick Underwear”, where the public can interact and also get involved in the way the company progresses if they so wish.