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The disgrace of Uganda’s anti-gay Bill


Peter Tatchell is running a campaign to bring to the attention of UK citizens the horror that is taking place in Uganda. He writes: “I am very grateful to Rob Tisinai for making a masterclass YouTube video that explains the full horrors of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It shows that this Bill is far more lethal and wide-reaching than most people realise.”
Under the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the crime of “serial offender” is punishable by execution.

A serial offender is a person who has “previous convictions” for “homosexuality or related offences.”

“Related offences” in the Bill, which can result in a death sentence for serial offenders, include non-sexual acts such as:
·      aiding and abetting homosexuality
·      advocating same-sex relationships or LGBT rights
·      having a same-sex marriage
·      publicising or funding pro-LGBT organisations
·      using the internet or a mobile phone for the purpose of homosexuality or its promotion
·      being a person in authority who fails to report an offender to the police within 24 hours

These related offences are crimes that could be also committed by a heterosexual person. It is not just LGBT Ugandans who are threatened by this legislation.

Under the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, all convicted serial offenders are liable to execution, regardless of their sexuality.

Watch Rob’s video here