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Filthy Rich

FilthyRich.gdAs a talented Producer/DJ Filthy Rich’s innovative sound has made him undeniably one of the country’s finest DJs today. A promising figure looming out from the crowd, Rich is the complete package. Effortlessly leaving his contemporaries behind, he leaps and bounds into a league of his own laughing to himself as he does it. This is because Rich knows that the secret to getting this far – is playing music that he loves, for people to dance to.

Without dictating to the crowd, Rich has become popular with everyone from the techno train-spotter, to the handbag honey through his envy-inducing music. His tight mixes and twisted sounds mean nothing is ever a disappointment. Flying between everything from sleazy tech-house, to dirty minimal, to irresistible electro with an old classic thrown in just because he can, Rich delivers such perfection it hurts. Springing from his early dreams of dance music via a backstreet upbringing of filth, Rich has clawed his way to the top, earning such prestigious residencies as the international Kissdafunk, the glamorous Hat Club to the dark and dirty Very Very Wrong Indeed. He has now smashed it home with bi-monthly dates at Ministry of Sound, proving he has the ability to top his cake with more than one shiny sweet cherry.

Filthy Rich fame is quickly spreading around the world, in the last year his international dates have included such far-flung destinations as Dubai, Shanghai, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Manilla and Bahrain, to name a few plus regular appearances at Alter Ego in Italy, MOS in Ukraine and of course not forgetting old friend Ibiza.

Documenting his talent, he has laid down a discography of over 50 productions and remixes. In addition to being played on Radio One and gaining support from the likes of Steve Lawler, Tiesto and Carl Cox, he has also completed successful remixes for the likes of Sidney Samson, Dave Armstrong and Seamus Haji. With more production work than he knows what to do with, he has also found the time and determination to start building his own empire, Control Freq records. Rich will use this as a springboard for home-grown talent, as well as releasing his own productions.

The future can only hold more tempting offerings from this boy with his thirst for new music and undoubtedly many more tricks up his sleeve. Rich gains strength from his diversity and will keep on giving and giving until the crowd is screaming for mercy. With not a spare date in sight for the next 6mnths one thing is clear… the future is looking very Filthy!

During October Filthy Rich has 2 releases out. His own release – Luvstruck and his remix of ‘Overdrive’ by Disfunktion out on Audiodamage.