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Patti Plinko


Manic chanteuse Patti Plinko, and her gasmasked consort ‘the Boy’, have toured with the Puppini Sisters and taken the musical world by storm. Mainly because no one understands them and we’re (still) unable to pidgeonhole their work.

Adam Lowe caught up with Patti to discuss umbilical cords, S&M and stalking. Luckily, he walked away with his life . . . (but not his sanity).

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and who’s your boy?

Patti Plinko was born from a circus girl and a rocked up, junked up, punked up father in the garden of Edinburgh (although the father is questionable as there was a dancer of irony also prowling the gardens that summer). With such prestigious parents dedicated solely to their art, Patti found she had to grow up fast having being left to cut her own umbilical cord on the floor of a portacabin. After approximately 3 hours Patti took to the festive streets with little other than her red shoes. It was on these streets and in these red shoes that Patti encountered her infamous meeting with the Boy. Legend has it that Patti was sat in a coffee bar attempting to dissolve a sugar cube in her coffee in the same manner as Juliette Binoche in the film Three Colours Blue when she let go of the cube too soon and made a startled cry! This alerted a young gentleman at the other end of the bar.  He rushed over to Patti asking “Can I be of assistance to you?” To which a horrified Patti replied “Gosh, no. No look away! My mother said I must never lay sight on a boy for it only leads to unwanted showbiz  pregnancies”. But the Boy could not turn away from Patti’s beauty and whore-like nature. Spellbound he cried, “ I cannot turn away from such beauty and whore-like nature, dear Patti. I will therefore find a way of remaining by your side. Always shall we look upon each other, morning, day and night, even if I have to go to the army and navy store and purchase a gasmask.”.

What is Dada Noir?

It is not noir. It is not dada. Nor is it dada noir. It is Dada Noir.

Why does your Boy wear a gasmask? Is he into S&M?

Yes, big time!

Who is your number one idol?

If I tell you, it will make it harder for me to stalk them.
The album Dada Noir is out now!