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Top Ten Famous Historic Queer Couples Of All Time

Top Ten Famous Historic Queer Couples of All Time


From the sublime and glamorous to the comic and tragic: well, February is

LGBT History Month – as well as being Valentine’s!

1.            Alexander the Great (general 356-323BC) & Hephaistion (confidant and

lover 356-323BC) – Alexander had to be pulled off his dead lover’s corpse;

shaved his head; and threw a mega funeral!

2.            Julius Caesar (emperor, 100-44BC) & Nicomedes (King of Bithynia,

died 74BC) – Nicomedes was referred to as Caesar’s “Queen” by political


3.            Rimbaud (poet, 1855-1891) and Verlaine (poet, 1844-1896) –

tempestuous absinthe-fuelled love!

4.            Oscar Wilde (writer and wit, 1854-1900) & Lord Alfred Douglas a.k.a.

“Bosie” (poet and aristocrat, 1870-1945) – perhaps the most infamous gay

affair in history!

5.            Nijinsky (dancer, 1890-1950) & Diaghilev (producer, 1872-1929) –

talent and money: combined!

6.            Benjamin Britten (composer, 1913-1976) & Peter Pears (singer,

1910-1986) – classy, arty duo!

7.            Francis Bacon (artist, 1909-1992) & George Dyer (burglar and

artist’s model, died 1972) – Bacon met Dyer whilst being burgled by the

suicidal model!

8.            Joe Orton (writer, 1933-1967) & Kenneth Halliwell (writer,

1926-1967) – ended in bloodbath!

9.            Elton John (pop star, born 1947) & David Furnish (film producer,

born 1962) – world-famous pair!

10.            George Michael (pop star, born 1963) & Kenny Goss (businessman, born

1958) – vie with Elton & David as the world’s most famous gay couple!

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