Drag 4 U is the latest competition dedicated to our lovely drag queen sisters across the country. Raising money for Terrence Higgins Trust is the main cause, but don’t let that fool you: it’s still heaps of fun.

The final was held at the Metrodome in Barnsley where the contestants were fantastic and clearly loved what they did. Miss Leeds was loud, controversial and nonchalant, throwing terrorism and chav jokes into the mix. Miss Wakefield was a sassy Dame Shirley Bassey look-alike with eyelashes that could double as draft excluders. Miss Cardiff was a rambunctious, blonde minx who completely disguised her diminutive size with those huge heels.

Miss Blackpool was an Amy Winehouse twin who strutted on stage and blasted the audience away with her rendition of ‘Valerie’. However, competition was fierce, just like the drag queens’ demeanours, and casualty after casualty fell at the wayside as the votes were tallied and the performances scrutinised to within an inch of their lives.

Ultimately, there could only be one winner, and judges from Bent, the BBC and THT made that call and decided on the queen of queens. Miss Fanoola Sickbag of York was crowned the victor, and stood proud and strong beside her fellow contestants. With her acerbic wit and powerful performance, she was Beth Ditto with blonde bangs. Asked if a man turned up with flowers, what would it take for her to open her flower, she quickly retorted, ‘F*ck the flowers! I’m a fat bastard. I don’t want flowers! Bring me chocolates, straight from Esso. I don’t care if they stink of petrol, bring them and a pack of Lambert and I’m all yours. F*ck all this romance stuff! I just want a shag!’ Every inch a lady, I think you’ll agree… and she wins a contract to tour the UK with the Drag 4 U Dance Troop.

Over £2,500 was raised by the event for THT.

Meanwhile, the organisers are so pleased with the public reaction they are planning to make it an annual competition so, stay tuned for further information.