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The Boy At The Window


To me he’s was a beautiful, lonely figure that stood gazing out of his bedroom window. He spent an enormous amount of time just standing, for no apparent reason, absorbed in the middle distance but not appearing to be focused on anything.

On the first occasion I saw him his pale hairless chest, short dark hair and gorgeous face… took me by surprise. I found myself in the role of a sneaky voyeur, anxious not to be seen but also desperate not to lose sight of such a striking apparition.

It was an early summers evening; the sun was still bright, the sky a brilliant shade of blue, yet this sad young individual didn’t seem to be enjoying anything either inside our outside his room. I waved an acknowledgement and smiled but whether he saw me or not I’ll never know as there wasn’t even a flicker of recognition. However, from that first view of him I became obsessed with wanting to see more of this solitary forlorn figure crouched at the window.

The first time I saw him I’d had a shocking day at work with everything piling up and getting on top of me. I’d come home from work and gone to my room, which overlooked both our gardens and directly into the corresponding room… his room… opposite. That house had been empty for months so I was pleased to see such a good-looking occupant. Over the years I’d never seen anybody of any note even passing that window before… so his presence took me by surprise.

Whenever I was there, so was he, his chest gently rising and falling as he breathed but other than that… nothing. Although I found the sight sad and slightly unnerving I was also immensely turned on by the situation. My crotch expanding at the thought of my young prisoner… yes… that was what I’d decided… he was a prisoner in his own home. His jailers, be it parents or guardians or maybe even a jealous lover were envious of his beauty and he was kept away from any temptation, or indeed, anything that might corrupt his innocence. However, my bulging crotch demanded to be exercised and as I gazed on such an exquisite and tortured creature my love came bubbling up and engulfed my senses.

My mind convinced me he was not only being held captive but mentally and physically abused. I reasoned that only I could save him… and in saving him, he would of course fall madly in love with me… his saviour. After several intense and body shaking orgasms I fell into a deep sleep. My dreams were spectacular in their vividness, the passion that we both displayed was frightening and felt so real. Once I came to my senses I rushed to the window… but he was gone. I cried out in fear and trepidation as I dashed around to the house.

The front garden had a For Sale sign and I was bewildered to know where my ‘lover’ had gone. I asked a passer by if he knew where the new people had moved to and he looked at me strangely. “No one has lived here for over 6 months“. He said with an air of distaste as he saw my puzzled expression and naked, spunk-covered, unwashed body. I threw myself down onto the unkempt lawn and wailed my sorrows until a bemused but worried crowd called for an ambulance and I was hauled away.