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New Boss By Les Lea

article_image-139.phpI’m the new boss at a large, busy auto-repair shop. I have a staff of 18 and a constantly changing array of customers, salesmen, delivery guys and trainees coming through the ever open doors. We operate from 6am thru to 11pm and I have to arrange the shifts, check all invoices, order stock as well as being customer service and head of personnel.

I love the work. I love the environment and I love the guys that work for me. You couldn’t get a more varied bunch. From Martin, the 17 year-old trainee to Thomas, who at 50 is the oldest member of staff. I’m 33, fit, active and gay and love the fact that I’m surrounded by horny, unaffected guys every day. I knew that several of these guys would eventually end up servicing my dick because in every job I’ve had, no matter how ‘straight’ they said they were or appeared to be, most guys were just waiting for the opportunity to try some man-on-man sex. Take Bill for instance.

Bill is a big brute of a guy… not very bright but a great mechanic who loves his job. I’ve never seen him out of his greasy, dark blue overall… he arrives in it and goes home in it and I’ve never seen it clean. In fact, he always seems to be covered in oil and grease, even his lunchtime white bread sandwiches always bare his telltale finger marks. Late last Wednesday afternoon I was checking a requisition with him and I noticed he was unbuttoned to the waist. He has a bit of a beer gut but his hairy body seems to hide it quite well. Unfortunately for me, I was drawn by the top of his underwear poking just above the last button on his overalls and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. They looked like his sandwiches. What had been white was now quite grey and covered in black oily streaks. He must have seen me looking. He told me he wanted me to check something out in the spares room that he thought I’d be interested in and innocently I wondered what it was. Well the big guy took me by surprise as in amongst the racking he ripped open the rest of his overall and pulled from behind his mucky grey y-fronts an equally greasy fat cock. “OK boss…  you’ve looked at it long enough… now taste it.” He forced me to my knees and thrust his rapidly engorging knob into my mouth. Jesus, I loved the predicament I was in and wasn’t used to other guys taking the lead… especially from an unexpected source but I wasn’t going to turn the guy down. His oily blackened hands held my head as I sucked and he fucked. My hands gripped hold onto the back of his y-fronts desperately trying to slow him down as he speedily battered my face into his mouldy smelly pants. His dick grew and exploded in moments but I could have happily stayed inhaling his aromas all day. As he packed his fairly sizeable knob back into his mucky pants he patted me on the head and told me I was a “Good boss”. I was left with cum in the corners of my mouth and oily finger marks down the side of my face.