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Getting Well Oiled


Howard had recently joined the Army and on his first weekend pass had decided to drop in on me after he’d visited his parents. We’d been mates and we’d been messing around with each other for years. I suppose I introduced him to, and encouraged him, having a wank and enjoying the feeling of mutual masturbation. It had never got any further than that and to be honest I thought once he’d joined the army he would leave all that behind, perhaps even eventually settling down and getting married. I knew I was 100% gay but Howard didn’t seem to worry one-way or the other. He always had girlfriends and other male friends, I was just glad that he found time for me… and we did spend quite a few hours playing our “games”.

He came around looking gorgeous. Short hair, tight fitting t-shirt and even tighter fitting camouflage jeans. God, he really knew how to show what he’d got and now there was a sort of confident pride he had about himself. The army had certainly instilled something in him fairly quickly and I liked what I saw. After a couple of beers and small talk he manoeuvred around to what he’d come for. We snogged for a short while but as my hands felt the front of his jeans I could tell that he was well past the kissing stage and was eager to take things further. He pushed me to my knees and obligingly opened his flies revealing his hard dick pressed up against his sheer white nylon briefs. Our clothes came off fairly quickly after that and there he was, all young tight muscle, well-defined, hard pulsing cock with only his sheer pants to keep me from swallowing him there and then. “C’mon” I whispered, and lead him into the bedroom, which I’d already prepared. I’d been to Boots and bought a plastic sheet (that they actually sold for incontinent people) and the largest bottle of baby oil I could find. I’d stripped the bed down to the mattress and anchored the sheet at each corner so that the movement on the bed wouldn’t make the sheet ride up.

As I followed him into the bedroom I gazed in rapture at his hunky arse encased in that thin nylon strip. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those meaty buttocks… or the rest of him. He was no longer my shy, young mate but a man who, in just a few short months, had developed both physically and mentally… and it was exciting to see. He looked at the prepared bed and smiled, “What’s all this then you pervy sod?” I smiled back and didn’t get chance to answer as he pulled me down on top of him and kissed me deeply.

I grabbed the baby oil that was on the bedside table and squirted it all over Howard. It covered his chest and slowly flowed over his pecs and abs and soaked into his nylon undies making them almost see-thru. He pulled me over the bed and had me splayed out face down on the plastic sheet. Already the oil had produced a fantastic feeling as my chest slid against the slippery sheet. Howard was quick to lie on top of me and, using his whole body, massaged his oil-slicked chest into my back. I could feel him almost humping me as he moved himself from my waistline towards my head. As he reached my neck the full weight of his body was pressed against me and I could feel his rampant dick lodge in the crack of my pants. I loved the feeling. My friend was taking the lead and all I wanted to do was pleasure him.

Suddenly he pulled my oily pant aside and I felt his hard pulsating cock touching my hole. Urgency seemed to grip him and I could feel his rock hard dick pushing against my arse crack and sliding up and down. At that moment I desperately wanted him in me but that wasn’t his plan. He rode my oily rump and that fantastic warm piece of Howard meat teased my anal lips and slithered over my juicy slick mounds. We spent the best part of the night wrapped in an oily, sexual embrace that kept us both coming like fountains and now I can’t wait until his current tour of duty is finished and he returns for more “games” that I have in mind.