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First: Brazilian Gay Couple Adopts Child


A Brazilian couple have been granted adoption of a five-year-old girl in a landmark gay ruling in San Paulo, according to the BBC.

Vaco Pedro da Gama had already adopted the girl, Theodora, but his partner Junior de Carvalho was not recognised as a legal guardian.

A judge ruled in favour of allowing Vaco Pedro da Gama’s partner, Junior de Carvalho, to add his name the child’s birth certificate.

Although lesbians have been granted adoption rights twice before, this is the first time the courts have allowed a gay male couple to adopt.

“If they had tried to adopt as a couple, probably Theodora would not be with them now,” their lawyer explained.

Brazilian media speculate this type of ruling will be restricted to San Paulo, which has a massive gay population. The move, however, is suggested to be a part of a wider liberalisation of Brazil’s strict gay rights laws.

This year’s San Paulo Pride attracted an astounding an estimated 2.4 million – largely outbidding countries with more progressive gay laws.