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Filled White Pants


Last Saturday I bought some new white briefs. From the photograph on the package they looked and fitted like Calvin Klein briefs, although they weren’t as expensive. In fact, Debenhams were having a sale and I got a pack of three for less than £9.00. As they were a brand I’d never heard of I was very eager to try them out. Back home I stripped and slipped into a pair. They did fit well and as I stood admiring myself in the full-length mirror, my dick (bless it) began to fill the front of the soft cotton fabric. I soon became absorbed in fondling and caressing my new acquisition, tracing the outline of my cock and balls with my fingers, and running the palms of my hands over my white, encased arse. I was pulled from my reveries by a knock on the door. I knew it would be Danny – we’d arranged to go to the gym together but as usual, he was early.

I opened the door to let him in. He stood there looking gorgeous in his jeans and t-shirt but he was staring at my pants and watching my cock trying to escape the cotton confines.

“You certainly know how to greet a guy,” he said as he grabbed my throbbing bulge and dragged me back into the flat.

“I just love these new pants,” he said between nibbling my prick through the material. “Well there’s another pair… why don’t you put them…?” He was pulling off his trainers and jeans before I had chance to finish the sentence. As his jeans hit the floor, his beautiful cock sprang to attention through the fly hole of his white silk boxers (a pair that I had admired and used and abused on several occasions when he’d stayed over). He quickly stepped out of them and eased himself into the new pants. He pushed his raging young dick to one side so he could feel his whole package through the soft, virginal white material. Danny seemed to be permanently horny and within seconds he was back on the bed with me, rubbing himself against my own bulging pants. Locked in a long kiss we kept humping each other. The feel of the cotton and our very aroused state of general excitement had each of us filling our clean white briefs in a matter of moments.

We lay there exhausted… the feel of the sticky spunk wet against our skin making the sort of post sex ‘after-glow’ even better. Danny gently rubbed the front of my pants and massaged the creamy substance into the soaked fabric. I inched down his body and wrapped my mouth around his shrunken knob and sucked his mess through the cotton. Soon it was time to go to the gym, so we each pulled on a pair of shorts over our damp pants and set off.

Whilst I had chosen to wear a pair of tight shiny black shorts, Danny had pulled on his favourites, a pair of Champion loose fitting grey fleecy ones. As he strained or bent his legs you could see a small strip of white material occasionally being exposed. As I lay on my back to do some bench presses and he came over to ‘spot’ the weights for me and I could see up his shorts’ leg to the damp cotton package growing there. As he looked down on me he could see the steadily increasing outline of my cock as I was turned on by the view. His dick responded in kind, growing and throbbing a little with every press I made. Although my mind was elsewhere I managed to finish the set and with a smile of acknowledgement he went off to do some forearm curls. As he bent over choosing his weights, I came up from behind and rubbed my aching crotch up and down his inviting grey buttocks. I watched for a few seconds as our images were reflected in the many mirrors that lined the walls of the gym. God, we just seemed to blend together. I was really hot and my cock was near to bursting but Danny moved away smiling and said, “What if somebody comes?” Laughing, I pulled him over a piece of exercise machinery and told him not to worry, “It would only be me.”

His head and arms went over one side of the machine, which left his superb arse bent invitingly over the padded piece of apparatus. I thought if anyone did arrive I could pretend I was merely helping him with a particularly ‘hard’ set of reps. Meanwhile I pulled my dick out of my shiny shorts and ran it up, down and over his fleecy arse crack. It didn’t take long to feel my nuts about to pop so I pulled at the waistband of his shorts to expose the white of his briefs wrapped enticingly around his firm and welcoming buns. Then I yanked those down and as I did I watched in all the mirrors as I shot a whole load of my succulent sperm all over those terrifically tanned arse cheeks.

After I’d finished gushing I observed as the thick goo slid into his moist crack. Then I pulled up his pants, patted his bum and continued with my weights as if nothing had happened. While the thought of him doing his exercises in sopping wet pants kept me hard, I also began to wonder where I could deposit my next load.