Give Her All Your Money! – Alaska’s New Music Video

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Season 5 runner-up of RuPauls Drag Race and one of its most successful queens, is serving home invasion realness in a new video for her song Gimme All your Money, featuring Season 6 contestant Leganja Estranja.


The video shows Alaska, Leganja and a posse of masked hotties invading the home of a middle-aged business man, trussing him up like a suckling piggy, apple and all, and serving him on his own mahogany dining table. After flogging her website, products and tour-dates (all in the name of comedy, of course), dollar bills rain down on a group of millennials in Alaska tops and fur coats, and Leganjas rap is sickening.



Her debut album ANUS is available on iTunes and Google Play, and includes Your Makeup is Terrible and Nails.