Why Won’t They Let Me Say I’m Bi?

Bisexuality is massively underrepresented and misrepresented in media. Even when it is shown, it’s never said out loud. Adult characters go from long term relationships with one sex, then the other, and sometimes back again, but you’re more likely to hear them referred to as gay then straight then gay again. So what’s the deal? Why won’t they let them say they’re bi?
We’re all guilty of it. How many of us use the word gay to describe any men who have sex with men? Remember how you felt before you came out and all you saw was a heteronormative society and you felt so different? Are we making bisexuals feel that within our own LGBT community?
Activist and author of Bisexual’s Guide To The Universe Nicole Kristal (@NicoleKristal) wants to change this. She created a series of memes to show the huge misrepresentation of bisexuals. She wants ‘to portray the frustation the bisexual community feels when TV gets it wrong, and the joy we feel when they get it right.’


One thought on “Why Won’t They Let Me Say I’m Bi?

  • Mark Nevin

    Great story,so spot on 10 out of 10.
    I think its because its easier to call someone gay,bent or even a lemon,than call them a bi.
    Gay/bent etc is used more and heard more off in daily life.
    You’ll also probably find that 99% of the population don’t understand what bi means or even heard of it.

    So its time to stand up and spread the word!

    GO GO BI,S!!!

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