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What Does Your Superhero Crush Say About You?

What does the Superhero you want to bone say about you; or the guys you like?
Probably absolutely nothing, but lets speculate for fun.



King of Atlantis and the Seven Seas.

If he’s your guy you want a leader, someone who’ll be in charge but who puts the needs of his people before his own.

Or maybe you just like a trident poke and salty wetness.



Dark, brooding, mysterious; has a secret dungeon cave full of toys gadgets.

Eligible bachelor by day, but spends his nights in a mask tying guys up down dark alleyways.
Also spends a lot of his time with young boys.

Each to their own I guess.

Captain America


You like guys with a strong sense of morality, incorruptibility and honesty, with un-aging, boy-next-door looks.

The Flash


The fastest man alive, with the fastest recovery time.

If he’s your man you prefer countless rounds of quickies rather than a long drawn-out session.

He can also run back and forth so fast it can look like he’s standing in one place but actually be doing someone something across the room at the same time. No one else would see it, but you’d definitely feel it.

Green Arrow


You like someone who can shoot far and hit the right spot every time.

The Hulk


You like muscles. And being ‘Smashed’

Iron Man


You like a man with a lot of arrogance, a lot of ego, and a LOT of money.



Has the power of six gods inside him.



Inside him.

Either you’re hoping you can find out what that feels like, or you’re ego is so big you think you can match Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury combined.



You like being suspended upside-down and web slung in your face.



You like a man who stands up for truth and justice.

The strongest man in the world, he can throw you around anyway you want, but you can still bring him to his knees.
Providing that you have some Kryptonite to hand.

(Most) Artwork by ArtbyFab