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Bears, Big and Beautiful

We love ourselves something hairy at Bent, combine that with a bit of luscious flesh and you get something we love to sink our teeth into, the BEAR!

We have been searching Pinterest and the popular Facebook page Gay Bears for you and selected a few of the sexiest Bears according to Team Bent.

We also looked at how Wikipedia describes a Bear, it mentions; a Bear is a larger, hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity. We had a chat about this at the office and agreed that this is a big element of what one could find attractive in a BEAR, but what about those big beautiful bears that are as camp as Christmas? Wikipedia also mentions that some bears may show disliking towards men who exhibit effeminacy. Really?! Each person has a type, not fancying someone is not the same as a dislike, at least that is how we feel.

Anyway, whatever one could say, do or fancy these are some we feel are BEAR-LICIOUS!








So what did you make of this selection we sourced for you at Pinterest?

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday

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Team Bent, be who you are!