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3 easy ways to burn calories for those that don’t work out

Am trying to burn some calories so I can gorge myself during the Christmas holiday. It might sound silly but for me it helps me not feeling so guilty, I know I shouldn’t anyway, but still….

I am not a the fittest person in the world and don’t want to go to the gym so I went looking for something that would be easy for me and I found something on and this is how I got on.

1. Wake up early: Moving workouts to early mornings offers cooler temps, but here’s the big payoff: morning exercisers burn more calories. Research shows that people who exercise in the a.m. work harder and for longer periods of time, which may be because they are more alert, energetic, and do not feel as rushed as afternoon or evening exercisers. Getting into a regular morning routine also means you’re more likely to stick with it, which will help you even more on your weight-loss journey.

This for me means that I am currently running, in a very gentle pace,  for just 20 minutes and only 3 mornings per week. It was hard to get into and I had this real feeling of WTF am I doing running at 7.30 in the morning, especially now its colder, but after the 3rd week it is really starting to become something I am enjoying. Moreover, I actually feel better for it.


2. Get speedy: When it comes to cardio, running will help you lose more weight than walking since it burns more calories, but if you increase your speed just a little, then you’ll burn even more. And don’t stick to a consistent pace the entire workout. Adding sprinting intervals is an effective way to increase your calorie burn and has also been proven to reduce belly fat. Also be sure to swing those arms as you move, and you’ll burn 15 percent more calories

This part is easy as I just fit it in with the slow running I have been doing. I accelerate 3 times for 2 minutes during my runs. As I am running outdoors I am not such a fan of the arm swinging, way to conscious for that, think Phoebe from Friends.


3. Strength train during your day Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so the more muscle mass you have, the better it is for weight loss.  Include strength training moves throughout your day, such as doing push-ups on the bathroom counter and doing two minutes of squats while you brush your teeth. You can also work your body by carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart, using the stairs whenever possible, and sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair.

On the days that I do not run I am doing push ups sessions 2 times per day. This is something I am actually not enjoying so much and wonder how long I will last. For me no turkey is tasty enough to “squats while you brush”. I am however going up and down stairs a lot, just go up and down a few more times so that you feel your heart is beating faster but without sweating.

Since I started 3 weeks ago I have burned more calories than a few Turkeys combined and feel better for it. In addition to these exercises I am also cutting down on alcohol (I am a bit of lush) and eat a little healthier. Nothing drastic, less crisps, carbs, chocolate and takeaways.

Will I continue this in 2016? I like to think I can continue the 20 minutes run 3 times a week and eat a bit healthier, but push ups and squatting are just not my thing.

Best thing is that I can fit my skinny jeans, have more energy and generally feel better. What started as a pre-Christmas “lets lose some weight” has become something more and I hope its lasts.

Have a go yourself, the main thing really is just get up earlier, exercise and become more conscious of what you eat and drink. I am sure the running can be replaced by swimming or cycling but I wanted to avoid spending money on a bike or gym membership.

Bring on the Turkey!
Bring on the Turkey!

Love from Team Bent, be who you are!