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world-mapA London based travel company who specialise in holidays for LGBT customers is excited to offer clients and customers a comprehensive range of inspirational trips to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

Having broken free from traditional stereotypes, ‘CAG Travel’ are providing their clients travel packages and destinations which suit their needs and interests, rather than their orientation. ‘CAG Travel Ltd’ now specialise in luxury and long haul holidays for the LGBT community, drawing on 40 years of experience to utilise industry experience and insight into the destinations available.

The company are keen to highlight that not all gay individuals wish to travel to the stereotypical resorts often associated with the LGBT community. Instead they have recognised that each of their clients have varying preferences with regards to travel destinations, accommodation and activities. As a result, ‘CAG’ have appointed dedicated personal travel consultants, who assist with every part of the booking, to ensure the perfect holiday experience.

‘CAG Travel’ commented “What sets us apart from other LGBT travel companies is that we don’t believe that all LGBT customers want to travel to typical LGBT destinations. We know that every customer has individual needs and wants and we work hard to find your perfect holiday.”

Destinations served by ‘CAG’ include Australasia, the Far East and South America. Their holiday range spans every continent, with a mixture of well-known destinations, in addition to some to discover and explore. When booking a trip, ‘CAG’ customers are encouraged to discuss their needs and explore the full range of available destinations and options