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Review – This Book Is Gay

22074335This is a handy little guide to everyone LGBTI or straight, Muslim, Christian, Jew etc or just damn curious… all you really need to know in a non-judgemental approach to things appertaining to being… gay.

Feeling different can start at an early age or may not hit you until much later in life but you will find this compendium helpful as you make meaning of your emotions and desires.

The author is former teacher James Dawson who specialised in PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) so he’s been at the sharp end of actually having to deal with the confusion and slanted data that we are deluged with from birth. It may be the ‘norm’ to be straight but at a time when the developing body and mind are telling us differently you might just need the voice of someone who has been there and done that… and come away with more than just a t-shirt.

Here he takes a sledgehammer to many of the myths and misconceptions that surround being gay. It may seem complicated to try and sort things out by yourself but, with this man’s help, whether you are a boy who likes boys, a girl who likes girls or feel like a boy or girl on the inside… there is advice and understanding, which you won’t often find in other books.

Helpful, occasionally funny and always supportive… why can’t all grown-ups be like this?


This Book Is Gay  by James Dawson              Out in September – Hot Key Books – £7.99