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Bent USA – Adore Delano – “ …the new queens, the weirdos, the unpolished,”

Adore Delano - Hello I Love YouRuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up and former American Idol contestant Adore Delano releases the fourth single from her best-selling album, Till Death Do Us Party. 

Produced by Killingsworth Recording Company, “Hello, I Love You” follows “DTF”, “I Adore U”, and “Party”, Delano’s first three smashes that helped catapult her album to the #1 spot on the iTunes dance charts earlier this summer.  The album also climbed to #11 on the overall album charts.  Along with the single, a brand new music video featuring Adore in all her cotton-candied gloriousness is being released. Screen-Shot-2014-08-01-at-10_15_59-AM-670x368

“It’s a cutesy, crazy, fun, song with an ironic psycho edge”, says Adore Delano of “Hello, I Love You”.  Like all the songs on Till Death Do Us Party, the song is based on experiences from her own life.  “I was fatally attracted to a guy named Greg Ahern in high school.  I cut his picture out of my brother’s yearbook and I would stalk him during his wrestling practices.”

“When it comes to finding love, I can be aggressive,” she admits. “I can also be a gentle pussycat. It all depends on the person I’m in love with… and if I ate that day or not.”

Fans love Adore’s unapologetic psychosis. She regularly throws herself into the audience at shows to surf the crowd.  She says it allows her to get closer to fans.  “It’s like getting a giant hug from everyone all at once.  I adore the adoration.”

She’s even made a few love connections on tour.  “I think I’m falling in love with a boy I met at a show in Australia,” she says. “He’s magical.”

And if he doesn’t reciprocate the love, that’s fine too. “I’ll cry about it for two days and then find a cute twink on Jack’d to forget about him.”

Adore Delano won the hearts of millions, clawing her way to the Top 3 on this past season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. With ferocious performances and her patented biting attitude, the teenage queen of wigs n’ cigs went on to conquer three challenges, tying Bianco Del Rio with most episode wins.

She wasn’t new to reality television, having competed on season 7 of American Idol as her male persona, Danny Noriega.  “I never felt so in drag than when I was out of drag”, she says of her American Idol experience.   “RuPaul’s Drag Race gave me the opportunity to express myself and to become a role model for those who don’t necessarily fit in.”

“I represent the new queens, the weirdos, the unpolished,” she says.  “I stand for those who have been told ‘you can’t do this.’ I’m here to say, ‘you can’.”

Adore Delano is proof of it.  Her Till Death Do Us Party album logged the biggest sales week of any Drag Race competitor, according to Nielsen SoundScan.  The album debuted at No. 3 on the Dance/Electronic Albums and at No. 59 on the Billboard 200.

Her single, “I Adore U”, also debuted on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart at No. 49 and on the Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart at No. 34.

1600x1600[1] Adore Delano is currently touring the world, promoting the new album. She especially loves how strongly fans are relating to “Hello, I Love You”.  “It’s the song they all seem to know the words to. I guess it’s a message we can all relate with.  Whether we’ve been the predator or the one being preyed upon, most have experienced some crazy love.”

“There was this one guy in high school who thought I was a girl and wouldn’t leave me alone for like the whole year,” she recalls.  “Eventually, I told him I had a penis and he backed off.”

Till Death Do Us Party is available on iTunes now.