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Eurovision Song Contest Radio

ESC-RADIO-LOGOBent would like to welcome ESC Radio to its site as it broadcasts across Europe 24/7.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a televisual phenomenon, with viewers in the 100s of millions for this annual musical spectacular.

In the UK it is often derided but elsewhere across Europe it is an opportunity to launch careers, experiment with style and be musically innovative.

ESCRadio is geared only to play music from the contest: It might be an obscure song that, though entered, never made it past the preliminaries, a classic, a remix, an oldie but goldie or… they might just play that song you loved but thought you’d never hear again.

The ESCRadio site tells you what’s playing, who sang it and from which country, but the site doesn’t end there. One click and you can see videos, interviews and news about the contest and how to buy official merchandising.234x60-1

There are songs you’ll hate and there are songs you’ll love but, with the addition of ESC to the Bent site, we believe you will enjoy all that this musical marvel can offer.

Just click on the ESC Radio logo on the right-hand side of the page then click in the window ‘PLAY’ for access.

One thought on “Eurovision Song Contest Radio

  • Gordon

    Thanks. Love eurovision now I can have it on while I browse.

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