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My Favourite Shorts… a fetish

yyuby Les Lea

In the cartoon strip ‘Peanuts’, best known for it’s main personality, Charlie Brown, there is also one character featured in it called Linus. His claim to fame is that he carries with him an old blanket which he holds and hugs at moments of crisis and which carries all the security in his little world. I have a similar ‘security blanket’ in the shape of my favourite pair of shorts. They make me feel good, my self-esteem rises when I’m wearing them and they act as a comforter when nothing else will suffice. Sad? Maybe but let me tell you about them.

They are a pair of shiny, dark blue adidas shorts. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were in at the beginning of, what has become, my shorts fetish. Over the years I must have collected dozens of different styles and shapes in an assortment of fabrics to add to my ever growing collection but it is that first silky pair that I am continuously drawn to. Even now, when getting into them is difficult as I’ve ‘grown’ with age, I still have the need to wear them. I’m wearing them now as I write this item (I always wear shorts about the house), it’s because the tight material hugs and holds my groin and makes me feel incredibly sexy… and perhaps more strangely… safe! It’s amazing how some fabrics can make you feel different and special to any other… but I suppose that’s what fetishes are all about.

As I’ve mentioned, I love wearing these shorts more than any other despite my collection of more suitable and better fitting brands. However, it is this particular pair that has encouraged me to put pen to paper and explain a little bit about my relationship with my best ever pair of shorts.

Early this morning I put them on as I was off to the gym to do a spot of training before work. Again these shorts have encouraged me in my athletic endeavours by making me feel (if not necessarily look) as good as any of the other gym bunnies who are training around me. At the gym I climb aboard the running machine for a 20-minute static run. The shorts look fantastic and the early sun coming in through the windows reflects and shines on my silky shorts, which caress my thighs as my legs pump along the spinning running track. After that brief warm up it’s time for my favourite moment. I lie out on the exercise mats and do a few sit-ups. My shorts ride up and along my meaty thighs and the silky fabric grips my arse tighter. I then move on to do some ‘crunches’, a particular exercise I hated until I started wearing these shorts to the gym. This really is exciting. As I pull my crossed legs and spread out knees to greet my face I can look between my legs in to the mirror and see the fabric pulling tighter around my blue reflective bum. The wonderfully designed shorts offer yet another stimulating view as the seam neatly separates my buns as it tightens its grip on my lower regions. Not only that, but from my own vantage point I can see my hairy legs as they form a wonderful ‘v-shape’. Holding my thighs is the shiny fabric that meets at the bottom of the ‘v’ at my crotch, where my cock and balls lie snugly and at ease in the confines of this superb pair of shorts. Twenty, thirty, fifty ‘crunches’ later and I wander around the gym and let the different sunbeams flooding through the windows make my shorts gleam and shine as the folds in the fabric reflect and shimmer in the light. I find it hard to express my constant wonder at the pleasure these shorts give me. But I am invariably feeling them, stroking them, smoothing them and each time I get the same thrill I did as when I first wore them. It is amazing that few other gym members wear such revealing shorts as I do. Once this style was all the rage but now, baggy and long seems to have become the favoured image. Oh well, they seem shy of showing their assets, or perhaps just not as bold or as confident as myself.

Once the workout is finished I aim for the steam room. Yes I’m still in my shorts. I love sitting around in them as the steam and heat in this tiny little room changes the material to a darker shade of blue. Huge pearly droplets of condensation fall from the ceiling peppering my body, and, more especially, my shorts, with splashes of water that are grabbed and quickly soaked up. If I lie out or stretch the liquid tries to squeeze back out and the dim light sends a new sheen over the wet material. God, I simply cannot get enough of my particular fetish. From the steam room I venture into the Jacuzzi and let the bubbles assail my aching body. I wallow as those gentle battering bubbles caress my body and I giggle to myself as those little pockets of air mount a rear guard action and invade my shorts. The front then fills up and billows out as it has no escape and forces my hips to the surface on a huge blue airbag. I force the air out and climb from the tub and aim for the showers. The feel of the sodden material is yet another experience to add to many that this pair of shorts offers. I pour shampoo onto my hair and rub it in. I know that the white lather will soon build up and begin to cascade down my back, over my blue shiny-shorted buns, down my legs and disappear down the plughole. I know that there will be one or two people watching… there always are… but this performance is for my own benefit, as I love the image I am creating. The pure white sliding over the dark blue is, to me anyway; just as an attractive a sight as it is for lather to flow over a pair of naked buttocks.

I take them off and get dried. I pull on an alternative pair of white nylon shorts, work suit and aim for the office. Once at work, before I sit at my desk, I arrange the wet shorts over the radiator opposite. Whilst I work with figures and reports I can watch the sexiest item of all time steaming and drying out. The sight keeps me hard all the time I’m at work and, usually by lunchtime, they are dry enough for me, if I so desire, to pop to the toilets and change back into them. I wear them under my suit and every afternoon I feel the urge to wet them again. Whilst I look embroiled with something on my computer I am fingering the silky fabric around my cock and balls until I can take no more. I experience a huge feeling of relief, contentment and happiness as I pump my built up cum into the front of my very special pair of shorts. After this I feel relaxed and at ease and love the experience that my cum soaked cock and ball give me as they snuggle and slide within the confines of my tight and satisfying fetish.

If anyone else has a similar favourite pair of shorts perhaps they’d like to tell me about them… maybe even… well let’s wait and see.

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  • I bought a pair similar to these on Ebay… they look ace.

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